Twelve Days Left in Your WYGO Membership!

Your 2021 membership in Wyoming Gun Owners will expire in just twelve more days!

If you’ve already renewed your membership for 2022 and our records just haven’t updated in time, then I apologize for this unnecessary reminder and want to thank you for your ongoing support.

But as you’ll see in the email below, the radical left is going ‘all in’ in their efforts to crush our right to keep and bear arms next year — afraid that they may lose control of Congress in November.

Between that and a major fight brewing right here in Cheyenne over the Second Amendment Preservation Act, your membership renewal has never been more important!

So please renew your membership for 2022 TODAY!

Gun owners here in Wyoming have accomplished so much this year. But our enemies are not giving up, and neither can we! Thank you, in advance, for standing with us in 2022!

— Aaron


The end of the year is right around the corner, and the legislature will reconvene in just a few weeks. But we still haven’t received your membership renewal for 2022!

If you’ve already renewed your support online or through the mail — and our records just haven’t updated fast enough — I hope you’ll accept my apologies for this unnecessary reminder.

But if you haven’t had the time to renew your membership for 2022, I hope that you’ll take a moment to do so IMMEDIATELY, as Joe Biden’s first two Executive Orders that attack our gun rights are just about to be finalized!

Biden’s legislative gun control agenda has been stalled in Congress for the moment. That could change in the blink of an eye, especially if we — God forbid — see another mass shooting in 2022. But for the moment, our grassroots pressure is working.

But grassroots pressure in Congress will not stop Biden’s Executive Orders, which are designed to make criminals out of law-abiding gun owners like you and me!

Biden’s first unconstitutional Executive Order would make FELONS out of gun owners who have unregistered firearms that they made themselves. Known as ‘80% lowers,’ these firearms are wildly popular with gun owners who enjoy making everything from Colt 1911’s to Ruger 10/22’s in their own homes.

The second-order, which will likely take effect in early 2022, would make FELONS out of anyone who owns a pistol brace!

Pistol braces were designed for disabled shooters who can’t lift a full-sized rifle anymore, but who can handle a pistol. Attaching a pistol brace around the handgun makes it far more controllable and safer for any gun owner to operate.

Banning pistol braces and registering ‘80% lower’ firearms has absolutely nothing to do with stopping violent crime. These orders exist exclusively to allow our tyrannical government to have more ways to criminalize law abiding gun owners!  

And make no mistake, these orders are just the beginning.

That’s why Wyoming Gun Owners is going ‘all in’ on the Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) next year in Cheyenne! Please help us with this fight, by renewing your membership for 2022 today!

You may have heard about Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions at the state or county level before. But while these are well-meaning, there is no force of law behind these resolutions.

WYGO’s Second Amendment Preservation Act is very different. Once SAPA law is passed, Wyoming’s troopers, deputies, and city officers would be instructed to only enforce Wyoming laws pertaining to firearms, ammo, and accessories.

In other words, SAPA law would mean that Wyoming cops wouldn’t lift a finger to enforce federal gun laws (or Executive Orders)!

And since the federal government relies on state and local authorities to enforce the vast majority of their laws and Executive Orders, the Second Amendment Preservation Act would effectively STOP Biden’s war on gun owners here in Wyoming!

In fact, SAPA law is ALREADY protecting gun owners in Missouri!

You see, earlier this year our sister organization in Missouri enacted SAPA legislation. And while anti-gun mayors in liberal cities like St. Louis and Kansas City were livid about it, they had to order their police departments to stop enforcing federal gun laws.

That’s because Missouri’s SAPA law, just like the legislation we are pushing in Cheyenne, has real teeth.

If the St. Louis police department violates Missouri’s SAPA law and enforces Biden’s Executive Orders banning pistol braces, for example, their agency can be sued in civil court by the gun owner involved. And the minimum fine — per occurrence — is $50,000!

Sure, it makes some big city police chiefs furious. But the truth is that while Wyoming’s law enforcement community is very pro-gun at an individual level, as a political entity, they are not.

Law enforcement lobbyists tried to kill Constitutional Carry law when WYGO passed it in 2011. They came close to killing the Stand-Your-Ground law that WYGO passed in 2018. And they tried to stop the Constitutional Carry Expansion Act that we passed this year! Clearly any SAPA law that passes without teeth would simply be ignored.

Biden and his handlers know that if SAPA spreads across the country, their dreams of bypassing Congress and attacking our Second Amendment rights through Executive Orders will evaporate!

That’s why the Department of InJustice tried to overturn SAPA in court just last month. But the judge in the case laughed them out of the courtroom because the Supreme Court has always held that the states have an absolute right to decide what’s in the best interests of its citizens.

The radical left can cry foul all they want, but their Democrat-run cities and states did the same thing to President Trump when he tried to get their help in deporting violent, illegal aliens.

If the Left was able to assert states’ rights against President Trump and protect illegal aliens charged with rape and murder, then Wyoming damn sure can assert our sovereignty and protect Wyomingites who are being threatened with tyrannical gun control edicts!   

But passing SAPA is going to be a fight. We all know that. Help us win this fight by renewing your membership in WYGO right away!

And if helping us fight for SAPA in Cheyenne isn’t enough of a reason for you to renew your WYGO membership for 2022, I hope you know just how serious of a threat we are still facing in Congress.

You see, a rational President would look at the results of the Virginia elections last month and realize that the American people are furious. And he would acknowledge that without a course correction, his party will be crushed in the 2022 midterm elections.

But Joe Biden is not a rational President.

He’s a cultural Marxist who is hell-bent on destroying this country. So rather than retreat from his far-left ideology, Biden has made it clear that he’s going to doing everything he can to pass gun control in 2022, while his party still controls Congress!

There are three primary gun control bills that Biden is going ‘all in’ on next year that demand our complete attention. They are:

1. The ‘assault weapons ban’ (S.736/H.R. 1808) — which would make it a felony for anyone in America to buy an AR-15 or any one of over 200 similar rifles and shotguns!

These firearms stand guard against criminals and tyrants in the homes of approximately 20 million American citizens, a final check on a tyrannical government. If we lose these firearms, the American people will become sitting ducks.

2. A ‘national firearms registry’ (S. 529/H.R. 8) -– which would make felons out of anyone who transfers a firearm to another person without obtaining government permission and putting that transfer into a federal government database!

There’s only one reason why the federal government would want a database of gun owners, and we all know what that is. This bill has already passed the House with bi-partisan support and is building support in the Senate.

3. ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation (S. 1819/H.R. 2377) –- which would absolutely destroy the Second Amendment in this country by letting liberal judges order the confiscation of your firearms before you’ve been convicted of a crime!

As you may know, these court hearings happen in total secrecy. You would not be given the chance to defend your name until it’s all over, after your guns have been seized.

Passing any one of these bills would deal a crushing blow to the freedoms of the American people and pave the road for flat out gun confiscation in the years to come.

And if passing these bills into law costs Biden control of Congress in 2022, that’s a price that the Left is willing to pay — just like they did in 2010 with ObamaCare — as part of their long-term strategy to disarm and subjugate the American people.

That’s why it’s essential that Wyoming Gun Owners continue to FLOOD Senators Barrasso and Lummis (along with Liz Cheney) with calls and emails from gun owners across the state, so they know that we don’t want them to make any deals with Biden on gun control!

This won’t just happen on its own.

WYGO needs to roll out a massive direct mail program, increase the size of our email mobilization efforts, and run the most aggressive radio/digital ads we can possibly produce to make sure that our representatives in D.C. understand what we expect of them.

Help us fight, renew your membership NOW!

And if giving us the resources we need to hold the line on Joe Biden’s attempt to crush our Second Amendment rights isn’t enough to get you to renew your membership, don’t forget about the critical 2022 elections that are already coming into focus here in Wyoming.

Most gun rights organizations beg politicians to do the right thing during the legislative season, and then just mope on the sidelines if the politicians ignore them and vote for gun control.

Not Wyoming Gun Owners.

The reason why we’ve made such progress here in Wyoming in the fight for freedom over the last decade is because the politicians in Cheyenne –- and in Washington — know that WYGO loves to expose backstabbing moderate RINO’s and radical Democrats at election time! 

And 2022 is going to be a jam-packed election cycle with the Governor’s mansion, every seat in the Wyoming House, and half of the Wyoming Senate up for grabs.

Not only that, but gun owners will also have a chance to tell Liz Cheney what we think of her recent vote on H.R. 4350 that would force ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ into the U.S. military!

Wyoming Gun Owners MUST continue to do what we’ve done for over a decade now — take the fight for freedom to the enemies’ districts in the summer primary and fall general election, making sure they pay the price for every vote they’ve ever cast in support of gun control!

Any way you look it, 2022 is going to be one of the most pivotal years in memory when it comes to our gun rights between fighting for SAPA, holding the line against Biden’s agenda, and making sure we have the resources to expose gun-grabbers during the elections.

But to do any of this, I need to be able to pay for it!

That’s why I hope you’ll renew your membership in Wyoming Gun Owners before it expires on December 31st!

The amount of your renewal is entirely up to you. Some Wyomingites have renewed as Liberty Level members for $35. Others have selected Freedom Level memberships for $75. Some have chosen Patriot Level memberships for $125, and others have become Lifetime members!

The amount of your renewal is up to you, just please act fast!

Your past support of Wyoming Gun Owners has enabled us to make massive advancements for freedom that include passing Constitutional Carry law in 2011, Stand-Your-Ground law in 2018, Constitutional Carry expansion earlier this year and plenty of smaller bills along the way!

Not only that, but we’ve crushed every gun control bill that has been filed in Cheyenne for over a decade and have exposed the records that gun-grabbers have desperately tried to hide in every election cycle since 2010!

But everything is on the line in 2022. And the actions that we take next year will likely decide if our grandchildren grow up in a country that is still the ‘land of the free’ — or a socialist regime where only the government has guns.

This is it. The fight is upon us. Please continue to stand with us by renewing your membership in Wyoming Gun Owners for 2022!

For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. In just a few weeks, Wyoming Gun Owners will be engaged in a massive fight to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act in Cheyenne, while simultaneously keeping the heat on Senators Barrasso and Lummis as we work to crush Biden’s agenda in D.C.!

If we lose these fights — and the radical left is able to pass any of their gun control next year — then the freest nation on earth will begin a quick slide into tyranny and darkness.

We must fight back and stop them! So if you have already renewed your membership in Wyoming Gun Owners for 2022, thank you for standing with us. But if haven’t, click below to renew your membership today!

Of course, any membership renewal of $75 or higher comes with a free T-Shirt from Wyoming Gun Owners. So please be sure to select your shirt size on your renewal form if you qualify.

America is the freest nation on earth thanks to the courage of our forefathers. Now our grandchildren are counting on us to pass these freedoms down to them. Help us do that; renew your membership in Wyoming Gun Owners for 2022 today!