Three Myths on Red Flag Gun Seizures

With the U.S. Senate set to resume in just a couple of days, all eyes are on the Senate Judiciary Committee where Chairman Lindsey Graham will be unveiling ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation.

And, as you know, many Republicans in the Senate have expressed their support for this legislation, while Senator Enzi has refused to condemn it.

(Senator Barrasso said that he’s not in favor of gun control, in general, but didn’t specifically address this bill.)

But with grassroots gun owners fighting back and flooding lawmakers’ inboxes with hundreds of thousands of emails in opposition to this bill — lawmakers in swing states are getting nervous.

But make no mistake, this is no time to relax.

Truth be told, this is actually the most dangerous time for our gun rights, as lawmakers are trying to convince us that they have ‘listened to gun owners and have made the bill better.’

But that’s flat out wrong.

You see, with the pressure from grassroots gun owners mounting, moderates in D.C. are willing to say anything in an attempt to confuse gun owners.

That’s why we’ve prepared this email, to prepare you for the spin and outright lies that you may hear from your lawmakers as we get closer to floor action on this bill.

Myth #1 “We’ve Made it Better

GOP lawmakers all over the country are trying to convince you that they’ve fixed the due process issues with this legislation by getting rid of the ex-parte provision of this bill, ensuring you are present at the court hearing in question.

But that’s a joke. Ex-parte hearings are a minor issue.

The real constitutional issue with ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ is the fact that they allow anti-gun judges to seize your firearms BEFORE you’ve been charged or convicted of a crime!

If prosecutors have evidence against someone, they should bring charges against him and put him in prison if he’s found guilty -– not just disarm him. Once convicted of a felony, that person would lose his guns.

They aren’t doing that in these cases, because they can’t make a case in court!

Myth #2 “We Need to Do This to Stop Killers”

This is utter nonsense.

Every state has a legal mechanism that allows law enforcement to forcibly detain someone who’s making threats to commit a shooting, pending an investigation.

And every state has a legal mechanism that allows law enforcement to forcibly detain someone who’s acting ‘mentally unstable,’ pending a psychological evaluation.

So, to be clear, anyone who says they are going to launch an attack, can be detained and investigated and charged with a crime if probable cause exists.

Anyone who says otherwise, is either lying or stupid.

Myth #3 “The States Who Have This Law Have Lower Crime Rates”

After a shooting at their state lottery headquarters, Connecticut passed the country’s first ‘Red Flag’ law in 1999. That law did nothing to stop the Newtown, CT shooting, thirteen years later, that left dozens dead in a school shooting.

Similarly, California passed this law in 2014. But that did nothing to stop a husband and wife terror team that launched a mass shooting in December of 2015 that killed 14 and wounded 22 more.

This is no surprise, as gun control, be that ‘Gun Free Zones’ or ‘Universal Background Checks,’ ALWAYS fail to stop violent killers.

The Alternative?

There is no question that mass shooting are horrific.

But there is no one thing, no one bill, that lawmakers can pass that will make them stop. Anyone who tries to say otherwise is not dealing with reality.

On the contrary, lawmakers could repeal the national ‘Gun Free Schools’ Act of the 1990’s. They could strip federal funds to states that attack the Second Amendment. They could work on a constitutionally sound version of National Reciprocity.

I could go on.

For the time being, we’d be happy to simply see ‘pro-gun’ lawmakers simply stop caving in under the pressure and simply oppose gun control!

What Can You Do?

With the Senate set to go back into session in just nine days, it’s vital that Senators Enzi and Barrasso (as well as the White House) hear from you — as the gun grabbers are pouring on pressure of their own right now!

Please send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAILS, right away!

>>> Email President Trump here

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information they need to take action!


This isn’t a battle over the Second Amendment.

The gun grabbers are using the recent shootings in Texas and Ohio to advance their ultimate goal of disarming law abiding Americans.

They want to turn this great country into a socialist nightmare (think Venezuela) where only the government (and criminals) have guns, and where the citizens cower in fear.

So please take action today, and help us shut this bill down!

When you’ve sent off your emails, make sure your friends and family do, too.

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. The fight over ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ is about to get white hot, with the U.S. Senate coming back into session in just over a week.

As the pressure mounts, Republican Senators are trying to spin the truth in a desperate bid to confuse gun owners about the facts of this bill.

Please read the email above and then take action right away.

And when you’re done, please make a donation to help Wyoming Gun Owners keep fighting against this legislation!