The Second Amendment Fight Moves to the Senate!

Moments ago, both of the bills being pushed by Wyoming Gun Owners this session were referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee!

I need you to act fast, and contact the members of the committee using the information that I’ll provide for you below.

These bills are straight forward, and need to be passed into law here in Wyoming right away.

HB 136 would simply allow for Campus Carry here in Wyoming, for those who possess a permit to do so.

It’s a known fact that blood thirsty killers prefer schools to launch their attacks, knowing that virtually every single person there is a sitting duck.

Hundreds of students and staff members have paid for these “Gun Free” policies with their lives.

This bill would begin to change that, by giving adults the option to have more to fight back with than a textbook.

HB 137, as you’ll remember, simply lifts the ban on carrying in government buildings where you and I pay property taxes, registering vehicles, getting registered to vote and attend to county government business.

Of course, these are buildings that taxpayers like you and me build and maintain in the first place. So why should we be defenseless when doing business in these locations?

We shouldn’t, of course, and HB 137 would fix that problem for good here in Wyoming.

Both of these bills are now in the Senate Judiciary Committee, and could come up for consideration at any time!

That’s why I need you to contact the members of the committee right away! They are:

>>>  Senator Leland Christensen, Chairman; (307)353-8204, [email protected]

>>>  Senator Liisa Anselmi-Dalton; (307)362-1189, [email protected]

>>>  Senator Larry Hicks; (307)383-7192, [email protected]

>>>  Senator Dave Kinskey; (307)751-6428, [email protected]

>>>  Senator Tara Nethercott; (307)399-7696, [email protected]

I can’t stress how important it is that you contact these Senators!

Your message is simple: pass HB 136 and HB 137 through the committee with no weakening amendments!

As you’ve no doubt seen in the news, there’s a full court press on to kill these bills from anti-gun lobby groups and the educational system here in Wyoming.

Our school administrators are hell bent on keeping your college age son or daughter — men and women old enough to fight in the military — disarmed and helpless in the face of violent criminals.

Story after story has run on news sites state-wide calling for these bills to be stopped.

But none of that can stop grassroots gun owners if we band together and make our voices heard!

So please contact the members of the committee listed above, and then share this email with all of your pro-gun friends and family — urging them to do the same.

We are getting down to the wire in Cheyenne and I need all hands on deck, so please act fast.

Finally, I hope you’ll consider joining Wyoming Gun Owners or chipping in an additional amount if you’re already a member.

We’re working around the clock to mobilize gun owners and keep you informed about the fight for our Second Amendment freedoms in Cheyenne — but we can’t do it alone.

We’re using direct mail, mass email deploys, and social media, and it all adds up.

So if you’re in a position to make a major contribution to fund our programs of $250 or even $500, I hope you’ll do so right away.

For others, I know that a contribution of $50, $25 or even $10 means having to cut back in another area of your family budget.

Whatever you can do, please just act quickly.

But either way, I hope you’ll contact the members of the committee listed above — that’s most important.

For Freedom,

David Ball

P.S. Both HB 136 and HB 137 have been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee where they could be heard at any moment!

As you know, the Senate has not moved a single gun bill in 5 years!

That’s why it’s urgent you contact the members of the committee right away — using the contact information above

Insist that they move these bills through the committee right away, with no weakening amendments!

And, if you’re able, please make an investment in your Second Amendment freedoms right away of whatever amount you can afford!