Stopping FIX-NICS, Ending Gun Free Zones, Elections…Where Should We Focus?

We’re just a few weeks away from the start of the 2020 legislative session in Cheyenne, and I have been working for several weeks to finalize our legislative goals for the year, along with the budget we need to run our legislative and election programs.

But I’m going to be honest with you, the situation in Cheyenne is rapidly deteriorating.

In fact, I don’t remember a time when the momentum was so against gun owners in the decade that Wyoming Gun Owners has been fighting for the Second Amendment in the State Capitol.

Consider the facts.

First, ‘Gun Free Zone’ repeal legislation has been held up for several years now in the Senate Judiciary Committee –- even though we routinely obtain over three dozen cosponsors!

Second, we only defeated FIX-NICS legislation in the interim committee process last fall by one vote, even though this legislation would compile lists of gun owners in Wyoming, a list that could be used to confiscate guns down the road.

Third, Capitol insiders report that there is a real chance that legislative moderates will be considering some form of ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation next session.

Finally, the wild-eyed socialist Democrats in Cheyenne have abandoned any pretense of trying to pass ‘reasonable gun control’ and are trying to put tens of thousands of Wyomingites in prison for the ‘crime’ of owning an AR-15, magazines that hold over ten rounds, or for owning unregistered firearms!

When you add all of that up, plus the fact that every single Democratic Presidential candidate is vowing to confiscate firearms from gun owners if elected, it’s clear that gun owners are in for a fight!

That’s why I am writing you today.

I have to make a very difficult decision about where to focus our resources in 2020. And since this has always been a member-driven organization, I would greatly covet your advice on how to proceed.

That’s why I have prepared your 2020 Wyoming Gun Owners Membership Directive. I’m counting on you to read this update and complete your ballot RIGHT AWAY!

The fact is, without an IMMEDIATE infusion of funds to work with, I am afraid that we are going to eliminate key components of our 2020 program — at a time when we need to be fighting harder than ever!

There is nothing that I would hate more than easing up the grassroots pressure that we’re putting on our political enemies in Cheyenne, especially with so much on the line.

You see, it is all but certain that some form of ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation will become a MAJOR ISSUE in Cheyenne next session.

If passed into law, ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation would order government agents into your home to seize your guns even if you haven’t been arrested — much less convicted — of anything!

Even worse, the way this bill is currently drafted, the hearing that determines whether or not you will be able to keep your firearms is ex-parte, meaning you would not even know about it until after the fact!

All it takes is for someone to file a bogus complaint against you. Maybe it’s your liberal neighbor who doesn’t like the pro-gun bumper sticker on your vehicle. Or maybe it’s your anti-gun college professor who simply hates gun owners.

Or maybe it’s an ex-spouse who is looking to ruin you.

Of course, once your guns are seized, you’ll be spending weeks in court and thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees to try and get them back — if you ever get them back at all!

Some gun owners have allowed themselves to become complacent about this legislation, assuming that it is dead on arrival in Cheyenne thanks to our Republican majorities in the House and Senate.

But that would be a mistake.

You see,it’s Republican lawmakers who are leading the charge for this bill right now in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arkansas and Michigan –- and this list will grow larger as dozens of legislatures have recently gaveled back into session!

Bottom line: you and I have to take this threat extremely seriously!

So if you think that stopping unconstitutional ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation needs to be our top priority in 2020, please select OPTION #1: “STOP RED FLAG GUN SEIZURES” on your Member Directive


But don’t forget that with the elections on the horizon, the 2020 session will be a fantastic opportunity for us to finally rid Wyoming of deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ on taxpayer funded property.

‘Gun Free Zones’ are nothing more than a magnet for psychos looking to rack up a body count. These locations may as well have a flashing neon sign above them that says, ‘attack here!’

That’s because criminals know that law-abiding citizens like you and me are disarmed and helpless in these areas, meaning that no one can effectively fight back!

So it’s no surprise then that well over 90% of all mass shootings take place in ‘Gun Free Zones’ like schools, churches, shopping centers and more.

Despite this, Wyoming law still gives the upper hand to violent killers by mandating that gun owners like you and me disarm before entering all government buildings!

We came close to repealing this law in 2017, with our legislation passing both the House and the Senate before being vetoed by former anti-gun Governor Matt Mead.

Last session, Governor Gordon’s first year in office, the same bill was blocked in the Senate Judiciary and House Appropriations committees.

But insiders are reporting that with the 2020 elections on the horizon, multiple lawmakers are concerned that voting “NO” on S.F.71/H.B. 183 may come back to bite them at election time!

So if Wyoming Gun Owners can generate enough grassroots pressure, 2020 may be the year we can finally get rid of these deadly locations in our state!

So if you think that eliminating deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ legislation needs to be our top priority in 2020, please select OPTION #2: “GET RID OF GUN FREE ZONES” on your Member Directive.


But before you do, we can’t ignore the fact that the 2020 elections are coming at us at warp speed.

Of course, the noise of the Presidential campaign dominates the news headlines every four years, but we can’t forget the fact that the upcoming Primary and General elections represents our best chance to hold state level gun grabbers responsible for their actions, too!

Legislative moderates have repeatedly lied to gun owners in their districts, telling us how pro-gun they are only to vote against ‘Gun Free Zone’ repeal legislation (S.F. 71) on the floor last year!

And if we don’t take action to hold these moderate State Senators like Michael Von Flatern, Affie Ellis, and Jim Anderson (as well as Representatives like Pat Sweeney and Dan Zwonitzer) accountable for their votes against the Second Amendment, it will only encourage more attacks against our right to keep and bear arms in the future.

We absolutely must fight back, just like we’ve done every two years for the last decade!

In fact, given everything that’s at stake, I am hoping to run the biggest election year program in our history, to remind lawmakers of what happens when they vote against our gun rights!

Over the past few years, Wyoming Gun Owners has become one of the most FEARED AND EFFECTIVE forces in state politics because we do everything we can to expose anti-gun lawmakers (in both parties) at election time.

FORMER State Senator Fred Emerich is the latest example of this, as educated gun owners booted him to the curb during the 2018 primary, after we exposed his years of anti-gun votes!

But we can’t simply rely on our previous success at holding gun-grabbers accountable, we have to stand up and fight back again and again and again.

Our plan is to go on the attack ahead of both the 2020 Primary and General Elections, ensuring that every anti-gun member of our State Legislature in BOTH parties is exposed.

I’ll use every tool at my disposal from mail and email, to social media, to hard-hitting radio, newspaper and even TV ads if I can raise the resources.

Of course this program is going to be very expensive. But if we don’t make gun-grabbers pay a price for their behavior at election time, we are practically begging them to attack us that much harder in the future!

So if you think exposing gun-grabbers during the Primary and General elections in 2020 should be my top priority, please select OPTION #3: “EXPOSE THE GUN-GRABBERS” on your Member Directive.


I’m sure you can see why I’m so torn. There just aren’t any easy options, as stopping ‘Red Flags,’ ending ‘Gun Free Zones’ in government buildings, AND the 2020 election cycle all deserve our full attention.

But I have to be realistic.

And right now, I just don’t have the funds to run a full-scale program to stop ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation while simultaneously fighting to end deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ and still ensuring that we have the resources to expose gun-grabbers at election time.

That’s why I’m counting on you to please fill out and submit your Wyoming Gun Owners’ Member Ballot and tell me where to focus the resources that we have.

Of course, when you do so, you’ll notice that I have included another option on your membership ballot — an option that we haven’t talked about yet, because it’s just not possible without a major influx of funds.

Nevertheless, it’s the option that I am secretly hoping you will choose.



But please note that if you select this option, I need you to dig deep and be as generous as possible to help us put this plan into action.

I simply can’t afford to run these programs simultaneously without it.

In fact, without considerable help from gun owners like you, running even ONE of these programs at the scale they would need to be run without immediate assistance will be very tough.

But with gun-grabbers in both parties trying to turn our beloved Wyoming into the next socialist Colorado, WE MUST PUSH BACK AS HARD AS POSSIBLE!

That’s why my hope is that you will agree to a generous gift of $100 right away.

I know that’s a lot.  I know I’m asking you to dig deep.

But stopping ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures,’ eliminating ‘Gun Free Zones’ in government buildings, and exposing gun grabbers at election time is a mustif we want to preserve our Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground laws.

So if $100 is just too much, won’t you please agree to $75, $50 or at least $25?

And with the State Legislature convening in just days, I simply must hear from you right away.

Please don’t delay.

Please fill out your Membership Directive and please consider sending us your most generous contribution right away.

For Wyoming,

David Ball
Wyoming Gun Owners 

P.S.With the 2020 legislative session starting in just days, I need to make some very difficult decisions about where to focus our resources and our time this session.

We just don’t have the resources we need to fight against ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures,’ advance ‘Gun Free Zone’ repeal legislation, and expose gun grabbers at election time — even though we desperately need to do all three!

So I need your immediate advice!

Please fill out your Membership Directive and submit it to me along with your most generous gift TODAY!

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