Stop HB-144 phony school security

You’ve heard it before…Politicians that say, “we’re doing it for the children.”

And that’s exactly what they’ll say about House Bill-144, the fake school security bill.
See the bill here

This legislation is a boondoggle that will ensure that the anti-gun bureaucrats remain in power.

Put simply, HB-144 creates a new state agency stacked entirely with appointed bureaucrats including the State Attorney General and the Director of Criminal Investigation. There’s also a mandate to appoint a Deputy of school security that answers only to them.

This scheme also hires over a dozen new office personnel to carry out the orders of the Attorney General. And in case you didn’t know…Wyoming’s Attorney General is a Democrat who was appointed by Governor Mead.

In 2013, when Matt Mead was interviewed by WY-Public-Media about WyGO backed legislation to repeal gun free zones, Matt Mead said, that he [Mead] is very concerned and “there are better ways to ensure school safety and he wants the state to look closer at those solutions.”

In other words…Mead supports Gun Free Killing Zones!

Just as it seems too many Republicans believe in big government solutions while turning a blind eye to the Wyoming Constitution which clearly states, “The right of citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves…shall not be denied.”

And HB-144 comes with a hefty price tag — spending over $3 million, and it provides for some exorbitant salaries.

But it does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to restore the rights of a ordinary folks like school teachers, janitors or anyone else to be armed and defend themselves in these gun free zones.

If HB-144 is passed, Mead’s phony school security appointees will fight tooth and nail to keep things the way they are — with Citizens disarmed and forced to be helpless victims.

Why does this sound like legislation you’d see in Colorado?

Maybe because of the fact that a partnership has been established between Wyoming and the Colorado Attorney General’s Office prior to drafting HB-144.

Since the massacre at Columbine High school 16 years ago, Colorado’s Legislature has proven they are for more so called ‘security policies’, gun control and gun free zones. Just more wrongheaded policies that offer deadly consequences to their constituents.

Years after the Colorado tragedy at Columbine — the “so-called” new and improved security policies — continue to produce similar headlines:

Arapahoe High School Shooting
***14 years after Columbine***
18 year old Karl Pierson killed a 16 year old classmate before taking his own life.

The Aurora Theatre Shooting
***13 years after Columbine***
Signs were posted saying “NO FIREARMS ALLOWED,” advertising that victims are unarmed and unable to protect themselves. That was the cue for Madman James Holmes to slaughter 12 victims and injure another 59, then later allegedly attempted taking his own life.

Platte Canyon High School Hostage Crisis
***7 years after Columbine***
53 year old Duane Morrison sexually assaulted six girls and killed one before taking his own life.

Why would Wyoming want to take advice from Colorado?

No matter how many millions are spent, how big the bureaucracy, or how ‘well thought out’ a so-called security policy is. One thing is for sure — Colorado has it wrong!

The gun-grabbers will never place blame where it belongs — on the CRIMINALS and the so-called ‘security policies’ that prohibit good folks like you from fighting back.
Instead, they use each shooting spree as an excuse to come after law-abiding gun owners — the very citizens who could have stopped these horrific tragedies in the first place!

By now you are probably ready to boil over — knowing that some Wyoming Lawmakers are ignoring your right to self defense — and instead following steps included in Colorado’s deadly security policies that have left helpless victims for dead for 16 years.

Wyoming Lawmakers should follow neighboring Utah — where teachers, staff and parents have been able to conceal-carry in public schools and government buildings for the last 15 years.

It’s so simple, even a 3rd grader can understand it…

Utah Citizens Armed and Gun Free Zones abolished -Vs- Colorado’s Victims Disarmed in Gun Free Killing Zones.

Contact the House Education Committee members listed below immediately and urge them to vote NO on HB-144 the phony school security bill.

Let the committee members know that you’re onto their fake school security scheme that is being used to head off the real school safety bill sponsored by Representative Allen Jaggi, the Gun Free Zone Repeal Act.

And don’t forget to let them know you will be watching how they act on this crucial matter.
(Feel free to use the email text provided below my signature)

The following House Education Committee Members need to hear from you immediately.

Chairman John Patton (Republican-Sheridan)
Cell – (307) 752-0496
email – [email protected]

Representative Hans Hunt (Republican-Weston)
Cell – (307) 746-8899
email – [email protected]

Representative David Northrup (Republican-Park)
Cell – (307) 272-0617
email – [email protected]

Representative Albert Sommers (Republican-Sublette)
Cell – (307) 360-7060
email – [email protected]

Representative Jerry Paxton (Republican-Carbon)
Cell – Not given
email – [email protected]


For Liberty,

Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. Wyoming’s anti-gun politicians are taking advice from Colorado bureaucrats and pushing similar fake security policies that will only keep deadly gun free zones in place.

If passed HB-144 will start with over $3 million to keep the anti-gun bureaucrats fat and happy.

But it does NOTHING to restore the rights of school teachers, staff member or anyone else to be armed and defend themselves in school gun free zones!

Please contact the House Committee members listed, and also consider chipping in just $20 to Wyoming Gun Owners today.

With your support, WyGO can deliver hard hitting postal-mail and timely radio ads to expose the politicians who treat your right to self defense with contempt.


Sample email text:


Dear _______,

Please vote no on HB-144, a bill that will only create a Colorado style bureaucracy and policies that will keep gun free zones in place.

It’s been 16 years since the Columbine tragedy and Colorado has repeatedly passed more so-called security policies that force people like me to remain a disarmed victim.

Why would Wyoming want to follow in Colorado’s gun control footsteps?

The real school safety bill has been introduced by Rep. Allen Jaggi, HB-114 the Gun Free Zone Repeal Act that is modeled after Utah policies where a school teacher, a janitor or anyone else who has a concealed carry permit can carry in public schools and public colleges statewide.

Utah has been doing this for the last 15 years with good results. By comparison, Colorado’s knee jerk reaction to the Columbine tragedy was more gun control and security policies that only pretend to provide protection.

Colorado’s killings continue 15 years after Columbine -vs.- Utah Gun Free Zones Abolished which has worked well for 15 years.

Please vote no on HB-144 the fake school security bill, and turn your support to Representative Allen Jaggi’s bill that models Utah’s proven safe school policy.