Stop HB-111 there’s still time!

Dear Friend,

I personally witnessed as “Educators” from around Wyoming testified against legislation allowing lawful permit holders to carry in schools.

They used every single scare tactic they could think of…

One superintendent said, that the local police chief told him there were “2500 permit holders in his district”, and “he couldn’t imagine all of them being in his schools at the same time”.

A reoccurring theme…Another, this time it was a principal said, “oh, how mad parents can get…”

It was as if I was at a therapy conference for “Hoplophobes.” (a term for those who have an irrational fear of firearms)

I am describing the “local control” who your legislator will be handing over your Rights.

But make no mistake — this is no accident. Instead it is a deliberate plan.

Just ask yourself why every Democrat in the Senate gave the companion legislation in their house a thumbs up.

And how about Obama’s anti-gun lobby?

Wyoming has a ‘state level’ affiliate of the NEA (National Teachers Union) the WEA, who is in full support of Obama’s run on gun control. And both the NEA and WEA will open up the purse strings to run the show at the “local” level.

The NEA’s vice president is so vehemently anti-gun she said, “gun rights activist are going to hell” during a speech last year at the Netroots conference — a progressive activist meetup that took place in California.

The ‘preemption’ in state law has been in effect for three decades for this very reason — to keep your Rights out of the hands of those that would hold them in their clutches.

Your “Right to Keep and Bear Arms” was never meant to be in “local” control. This is exactly how the gun control crowd turned the tables in states like California and New York.

Any legislator who votes in favor of HB-111 will be wrongfully surrendering your rights to a local government district — now enthroned to dictate when you will have Big Brother’s “permission” to defend you and your loved ones.

Any legislator who votes in favor of HB-111 will be in violation of their sworn oath of office to “protect and defend the Wyoming Constitution”, which clearly states in Article 1, Section 24, “The right of citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves…state Shall Not Be Denied.”

Please act immediately — let the legislators know that you are onto their gun control scheme, and tell them to vote NO on HB-111.

Find your house member here.

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To Liberty,

Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
Wyoming Gun Owners