Stand Up for Your Gun Rights – Vote Pro-Gun Today!

It all comes down to today.

By tonight we’ll know if our gun rights will be subject to 4 years of Mary Throne’s vicious attacks — or not.

By tonight we’ll know if gun rights leaders that have stood up for the Second Amendment in the Wyoming House and Senate will be back next year — or

And by tonight we’ll know if gun-grabbers will have taken control of the US Congress — or not.

You’ve seen the ads.

You know what’s at stake.

Now it’s up to you.

Whatever happens today, make sure you go vote pro-gun!

To see a list of the legislative candidates that have signed the WYGO candidate survey and pledged to fight for gun rights, go here.

To see Mark Gordon’s candidate survey, where he pledged to fight for gun owners, go here.

To see our report on Mary Throne, and her relentless attacks on the Second Amendment while in the House, go here.

Remember, a candidate who won’t sign this simple survey is a candidate who will likely betray your gun rights once safely in office — regardless of their party affiliation!

It’s crunch time; the next two years in Cheyenne will lead to us expanding Second Amendment freedoms or being forced to defend the rights we already have!

Do your part, vote pro-gun!

For Freedom,

David Ball
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. Today is the day. Make your voice heard by voting in support of your gun rights!

To see a list of candidates who filled out the WYGO gun rights survey, go here.


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