Alert – SS number to be required on Hunting Licenses


ALERT – Social Security number to be required on all Hunting licenses!

There is a new federal firearms data base coming upon Wyoming residents unless we stop it!  Hunting and Fishing licenses to be tied to Social Security numbers, NEW APPLICATIONS WILL REQUIRE YOU ENTER THIS INFORMATION which it will then go into a federal data-base.

Since this is a request by the federal government it has no place in Wyoming and brings us closer to a REAL I.D.  System that we oppose. These actions could be used to keep a Dept. of Justice data base of firearm owners, this must be stopped at all costs.

The latest mandate from the federal government is being sold to us with the usual mantra- “it’s best for the common good”. Here it is , wait for it…”compliance with federal child support enforcement laws”.

We won’t fall for this latest registration sceme!

We made it clear during the last session with the passing of HB-95 the Wyoming Firearms Freedon Act, we the people  want less federal intrusion to our lives, liberty and property.

Extortion tactics being used–
No surprise here – the Feds plan to withhold monies to Wyoming if we fail to comply, another reason the Pitman-Robertson Act must be abolished, since under this act they impose an excise tax to firearms and ammo manufacturers (10% on Handguns – 11% on Rifles and Ammo) only to refuse it if we the people refuse to obey the master.

According to Game and Fish Deputy Director John Emmerich – “The federal government requires this by law, so I don’t really see where we have a choice”.
It should be noted, Mr. Deputy Director was not elected by the people!

About Wyoming Government–
The Wyoming Constitution clearly states: 97-1-1 “that  power is inherent in the people” and 97-1-1 it states that “absoulute abritrary power over the lives liberty and property exist nowhere in a republic”.

Adding insult to injury–
Possibly to “hide the light of truth from shinning”, the Game and Fish Commission is forging ahead at its July 28-29 meeting in Saratoga a town of about 1800 people. The actions are a prime example of the federal and state government working collectivly to squash the liberty of the people.


Contact all of the committee members below, also call your districts legislators.
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Below are the members of the “Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources Committee” contact these legislators and let them know that you won’t stand for any registrations schemes.

Senator Bruce Burns (R-Sheridan) (307) 672-6491 [email protected]

Senator Henry H.R. “Hank” Coe (R-Park) (307) 527-6201 [email protected]

Senator Dan Dockstader (R-Lincoln/Sublette/Teton) (307) 886-1500 [email protected]

Senator Kit Jennings (R-Natrona) (307) 265-5500 [email protected]

Senator Saundra Meyer (D-Uinta) (307) 789-8745 [email protected]

Representative Pat Childers (R-Park) (307) 587-5145 [email protected]

Representative Dave Bonner, Jr. (R-Park) (307) 754-2221 [email protected]

Representative Kermit C. Brown (R-Albany) (307) 745-7358 [email protected]

Representative Cathy Connolly (D-Albany) (307) 399-0482 [email protected]

Representative Kathy Davison (R-Linc/Sublette/Sweetwater) (307) 877-6483 [email protected]

Representative Allen M. Jaggi (R-Uinta/Sweetwater) (307) 786-2817 [email protected]

Representative Lori Millin (D-Laramie) (307) 630-3710 [email protected]

Representative Lisa A. Shepperson (R-Natrona) (307) 258-8900 [email protected]

Representative Bill Thompson (D-Sweetwater) (307) 875-3189 [email protected]