SIG P229 Winner Is…

As you know, Wyoming Gun Owners recently asked our members to sign our ‘Second Amendment Turnout Pledge,’ promising to support only pro-gun candidates in the upcoming elections.

Everyone who signed their pledge, whether online or through the mail, was automatically entered to win a FREE SIG P229 from Wyoming Gun Owners.

I’m pleased to announce that the winner of this incredible firearm — the very piece carried by members of the United States Secret Service as they protect the President — is Randy Hill, from Big Piney!

We spoke with Randy recently, and expect to meet with him to give him this gun in the near future.

(We will post pictures on our Facebook page when we do.)

Thank you to everyone who signed their pledge. It is vital that gun owners stand tall this year and fight for the Second Amendment.

Next session will bring another battle in our fight for the Second Amendment.

More than a few lawmakers want to enact ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation that would enable you to lose your gun rights via a secret court proceeding — and without you being even being arrested, much less convicted of a crime!

And still other legislators, like Rep. Patrick Sweeney, are openly backing Bloomberg-styled ‘Universal Firearms Registration’ legislation!

All of this, in Wyoming!

That’s why WYGO is working so hard to expose anti-gun incumbents and candidates right now, in targeted House and Senate races via direct mail, email, and more!

If anti-gunners (in any party) start to attack our gun rights without a strong pushback from gun owners, they will only be emboldened to do more.

So if you’re not yet a member of Wyoming Gun Owners, please stand with us in the fight for the Second Amendment by becoming one TODAY!

In the meantime, thank you again to everyone who signed your ‘Second Amendment Turnout Pledge!’

And a big congratulations to Randy Hill on winning such a nice pistol!

     For Freedom,

    David Ball
    Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. Randy Hill is the winner of a SIG P229 from Wyoming Gun Owners!

Thank you to everyone who signed their ‘Second Amendment Turnout Pledge,’ promising to only back pro-gun candidates this fall.

There is a lot at stake here in Wyoming where our gun rights are concerned, so we gun owners need to remain active in defense of our freedoms.

Become a member of Wyoming Gun Owners TODAY!

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