Send Two Emails in Support of Your Gun Rights!

I know that you’ve been hearing from us a lot lately, but with the 2020 ‘budget session’ only slated to last twenty days, there’s no time to waste.

But the truth is, we have far less than twenty days to fight for our gun rights.

That’s because during these budget sessions, in order for a bill to be viable for consideration, they must receive a 2/3rds majority vote from the chamber pushing the bill!

What’s more, these votes happen in the first week of session — so these votes are going to take place in just days!

That means that for us to stop the nasty FIX-NICS gun control bill that is coming at us in the House, we need 21 lawmakers to stand up and ‘VOTE NO!’

And for us to advance Senator Bouchard’s legislation to rid Wyoming of deadly ‘Gun Free Zones,’ we need 20 Senators to stand up and ‘VOTE YES!’

We need your help to make this happen.

Please send your two pre-written emails immediately:

>>>To help us derail FIX-NICS gun control legislation, send this email now!

>>>To help us end deadly ‘Gun Free Zones,’ send this email now!

WYGO has done everything we can to make it easy for you to fight for your Second Amendment freedoms using our online advocacy program.

The emails are pre-written, they are sent immediately to your lawmakers, and you can hit send in just seconds.

So please take action NOW!

To help WYGO fund these online tools and the rest of our program to fight for gun rights in 2020, please make a generous donation today.

For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. In just days, lawmakers in Cheyenne will decide whether or not to refer FIX-NICS gun control (as well as our legislation to end ‘Gun Free Zones’) to a committee –or kill them this year!

We only have days to act, due to the shortened ‘budget session’ timeline.

To help us kill FIX-NICS gun control, send this email.

To help us end deadly ‘Gun Free Zones,’ send this email.

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