Senate Vote Just Hours Away!

I just got off the phone with our insiders in Cheyenne and with the vote just hours away on HB 136 and HB 137 –- I don’t know if we have enough votes yet!

For the Wyoming Senate — which holds itself out to be amoungst the most pro-gun legislative bodies in the country –- to crush these bills would be outrageous.

The following Senators, in particular, need to hear from you before they vote on these bills. Please contact Senators

>>>  Affie Ellis, [email protected], (307) 287-9095

>>>  Bruce Burns, [email protected], (307) 672-6491

>>>  Bill Landen, [email protected], (307) 237-4067

>>>  Stephan Pappas, [email protected], (307) 630-7180

>>>  Michael Von Flatern, [email protected], (307) 680-4744

>>>  Dave Kinskey, [email protected], (307) 751-6428

>>>  Jeff Wasserburger, [email protected], (307) 680-2943

>>>  Drew Perkins, [email protected], (307) 315-6177

>>>  Tara Nethercott, [email protected], (307) 399-7696

>>>  Glenn Moniz, [email protected], (307) 760-1116

>>>  James Anderson, [email protected], (307) 267-5775

>>>  Fred Baldwin, [email protected], (307) 877-3687

>>>  Dan Dockstader, [email protected], (307) 885-9705

>>>  Ray Peterson, [email protected], (307) 548-6405

Remember, the Senate has killed gun bills for five years!

Five years of obstruction, while state after state has passed pro-gun bills.

It’s not enough for them to talk pro-gun, they need to vote pro-gun when it counts.

Otherwise we’ll quickly become another Colorado.

Time is short — please call and email everyone on this list right away!