Senate gun control version of HB-114 first reading today

The Wyoming Senate is poised to pass their ‘substitute’ version HB-114 counterfeit legislation during its first reading this afternoon. This legislation is an attack on the Wyoming state preemption. The state preemption bars local governments from making decisions on your right to bear arms. In one page of this bill, there are several citations by activist Judge Rulings intended only to weaken current Wyoming Statute protections. In a nutshell, this ‘substitute’ legislation introduced in committee — by phony Republican Sen. Hank Coe — changes current preemption statute by placing several government agencies, schools, colleges and the mostly anti-gun bureaucrats that run them, to be in charge of who can and can’t conceal carry. Effectively this 14 page bill will functionally return us to days of ‘may-issue’ permit scheme — when bureaucrats would just say no — “you may not carry.” Senator Hank Coe is touting his phony legislation as a local control measure — which he claims is a new and improved way to regulate concealed carry in Wyoming.

Simply put, unelected administrators will now be the persons in charge of your right to bear arms.

If this happens, Wyoming will have an onerous state-wide patchwork of rules and regulations that pertain to concealed carry across Wyoming. Merely driving through a city or town in Wyoming will cause varied concealed carry rules, but more likely cause citizens to never be allowed to carry concealed at all – all in line with keeping the coveted ‘gun free zones’ as the law of the land. Only the original House language is acceptable. Introduced by Rep. Allen Jaggi and modeled after Utah, where permit holders can carry in government buildings, schools and college campuses with…no questions asked. And Utah has been doing this for 15 years with great results.

Original Bill Here

Compare both bills

Substitute Bill Here

The ‘dirty play’ by the Wyoming Senate. They took the original 3 page bill, and threw it out after it passed the House 42-17. The Senate then ‘substituted’ a 14 page gun control bill attaching the original House bill sponsors names to it, as if they were part of the shenanigans. >>>Take Action<<< Senate insiders tell us that their ‘gun control bill’ HB-114 substitute is on a fast track to be passed by a majority in the Senate. It could be finalized in the Senate in just three days, sending the bill back to the House for concurrence or ‘agreement.’

Please contact your house Representative immediately and ask them to — not concur — with the Senate’s substitute HB-114 gun control legislation.

For Liberty,

Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
Wyoming Gun Owners