Laramie County Prosecutor Scott A. Homar goes after victim instead of thugs

DA Scott Homar

DA Scott Homar

Meet Chase Vosler, a young man that many of us would view as a hero, you see he had just picked up his younger sister and taken her home, it was after midnight and he was doing as instructed by his father. A friend of his sister that was staying with them had walked to their home and apparently some troublemaker’s followed her there.

What happened next to this Cheyenne family was their worst nightmare, these troublemaker’s turned out to be thugs of the worst kind.

These thugs accosted the visitor outside the home of the Voslers, and Chase Vosler saving her from further assault got her into the house.

At this point there were two assailants, one was circling the house and the other proceeded to break in the front door with a shovel that was on the front porch.

By now the intruder had his hand in the broken glass opening of the door trying to get in, you could see the “gang style” tattoo marked hand reaching for deadbolt.

Chase Vosler was 21 at the time and feared what could happen to his younger sister and her friend, he shot and injured one of the assailants with a 22 rifle. Given the same circumstances wouldn’t you do the same thing.

Laramie County District Attorney Scott A. Homar doesn’t see it the same way, he doesn’t believe in your right to defend yourself, your family or your home and especially if you use a gun.

Prosecutor Scott A. Homar charged Chase Vosler with “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon”, and the assailants John Esquibel and his cousin Vincent Motoya went scott-free pardon the pun.

Posted: Nov. 27,  2008