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Since passing Constitutional Carry in 2011, politicians in BOTH parties in Wyoming have had one simple message for gun owners:


In fact, anti-gun members of BOTH parties — with the help of weak-kneed sellouts in legislative leadership — have defeated every bill and every reform pushed by Wyoming’s Second Amendment supporters.

As I’ve watched this madness, I can’t help but think, “How much longer until we become Colorado?”

“How much longer until BILLIONAIRE anti-gun activist Michael Bloomberg jumps in with both feet?

That’s why I’m asking for your help today to ensure the answer to those questions is “NEVER!”

With so many critical battles looming, won’t you please renew your membership in Wyoming Gun Owners for 2017 IMMEDIATELY? More on that below.

The truth is, after the shocking results of the 2016 elections, it’s absolutely critical we hit the ground running.

You know what happened nationally with the earth-shattering DEFEAT of Hillary Clinton.

But the truth is, here in Wyoming, the results were every bit as jaw-dropping.

In fact, anti-gun State Rep. Rosie Berger — who was waiting in line for the Speaker of the House position — was rushed in the 2016 primaries by pro-gun Republican Bo Biteman.

There were several other victories as well.

But this one definitely sent the LOUDEST message that gun owners are sick and tired of being dismissed — and IGNORED — in Cheyenne!

After all, the longer you and I allow legislators to sweep pro-gun bills under the rug in Cheyenne, the more “ripe” for a takeover Wyoming will appear to out-of-state gun-grabbers like Michael Bloomberg.

The good news is, with a strong base of support in Cheyenne — including pro-gun leaders like State Rep. Elect Bo Biteman and former Wyoming Gun Owners Executive Director Anthony Bouchard in the Senate -– we have the numbers to hit the ground running.

And REPEALING so-called “Gun Free Zones” in state government buildings across Wyoming is at the very top of our list!

After all — just as we’ve seen from bloodbath after bloodbath over the past two decades — these schemes have absolutely NOTHING to do with keeping citizens safe from violence.

Instead, “gun free zones” are bait for sickos.

They just ensure killers never have to worry about running into someone who is armed.

After all, studies prove that guns help deter crime. They make us safer.

Of course, the gun-grabbers know all of that. But they don’t care.

To them, it’s about power.

To them, “deplorables” like you and me all too often use freedom to make the “WRONG” decisions — like “clinging to guns or religion,” or refusing to ditch the values that have made America the greatest and freest country in the world . . .

Their ultimate goal has always been to force you and me to depend on our government overlords for every ounce of security and sustenance and let the “experts” rule.

If innocent lives are lost in a “Gun Free Zone” before someone from the government can save them, they think, “So be it.”

Sadly, with more and more people pouring into Wyoming, bringing their “elite” value system along with them, this way of thinking is becoming more and more prevalent.

And the juicier you and I look for a Colorado-style takeover.

That’s why Wyoming Gun Owners is determined to do everything we can to REPEAL so-called “Gun Free Zones” in government buildings in 2017.

But your action will really be the key, so please, renew your membership in Wyoming Gun Owners now!

Legislators in BOTH parties have played all sorts of funny business with this issue over the past couple of years.

In fact, in 2015, Wyoming Gun Owners passed a three-page Gun Free Zone Repeal Bill out of the House, only to have it “substituted” with a 14-page amendment in the Senate — a blatantly unconstitutional action by Senate Education Chairman Hank Coe designed to kill the scheme.

Even after siding with Wyoming Gun Owners against this scheme, the establishment gun lobby then turned around and endorsed Chairman Coe in the 2016 elections!

We can’t allow this madness to continue.

We can’t reward politicians who continually betray us.

Our politicians in Wyoming are either for the Second Amendment or they’re not. It’s that simple.

But I’m counting on your renewed membership today.

Unlike the gun-grabbers with their sugar daddy Michael Bloomberg, we’re not bankrolled by deep-pocketed gazillionaires looking to play politics as a hobby.

Wyoming Gun Owners is controlled and funded by patriots just like you.

So you are a critical part of this winning team.

You can choose to renew your membership with any amount you’d like.

But as we head into 2017, I’m hoping you’ll agree to stretch and give $125.

I know that’s a lot to ask for.

But we have some serious work to do.

If it’s just too much, please agree to $75 or at least $35.

As Thomas Jefferson stated, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

So please renew your membership in Wyoming Gun Owners with your most generous contribution of $125, $75 or at least $35 right away.

For Freedom,



David Ball

P.S. There are many critical battles brewing in 2017 — not the least of which are stopping the spread of so-called “Gun Free Zones.”

You and I have to keep up the fight.

The battle for the very soul of our country continues to rage on — and Wyoming is a key battleground.

So won’t you please agree to renew your membership in Wyoming Gun Owners with a generous contribution of $125, $75, or at least $35 right away

Thank you, in advance, for your support of the Second Amendment.