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The 2020 legislative session will be here before we know it, and it promises to be a crucial one for our Second Amendment rights.

Emboldened by the recent mass shootings in Virginia and California, BILLIONAIRES Michael Bloomberg and George Soros are convinced that now is the time to advance their agenda — even in ‘red states’ like Wyoming!

Sadly, they just might get their way.

That’s because the Republican controlled Joint House and Senate Judiciary Committee is actively working to pass Senator Dianne Feinstein-endorsed ‘FIX-NICS’ legislation next session!

I’m not surprised.

You see, this is the same committee, Chaired by Senator Tara Nethercott, that worked overtime to kill Senate File 75, our bill to repeal ‘Gun Free Zones’ in Wyoming and to fix our pre-emption problem.

When this committee killed SF-75 — a bill that had a whopping THREE DOZEN cosponsors — they effectively sent the message out that Wyoming’s support for Second Amendment freedoms is waning!

So with key legislative battles approaching and many key State House and Senate races likely to come down to the wire as well next fall — I’m counting on your IMMEDIATE action.

It’s important that every gun owner in Wyoming understand exactly how serious the situation in Cheyenne really is.

The truth is that we’re going to be facing an out-and-out brawl over the Second Amendment next session, as legislative moderates work overtime to turn our beloved Wyoming into the next Colorado!

Passage of ‘FIX-NICS’ legislation is only their first step.

You see, before they can pass ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation in Wyoming, the gun-grabbers need to build a database of gun owners first — which is exactly what the ‘FIX-NICS’ bill is designed to do!

But make no mistake, the ultimate goal of anti-gun Democrats and more than a few moderate Republicans in Cheyenne is passage of ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation, the same bill that passed in Colorado last year.

If enacted, ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation would allow virtually anyone to make a claim that you are a danger to yourself or someone else and ask a judge to order you stripped of your firearms.

The amount of room for abuse in this process should have every gun owner in Wyoming alarmed. Consider the following:

>>>   These gun seizure orders will be issued before you have
          been convicted, or even charged, with anything!

A gun owner with absolutely no criminal background of any kind,
can have his firearms seized before he ever sets foot in a
courtroom. You would have more due process rights in traffic court
than you would in defending your constitutional right to keep and
bear arms.

>>>   The hearing that determines whether or not to strip you of
your firearms happens in secret!

Known as ex-parte proceedings, these hearings take place in your
absence. You will have no ability to question your accuser, provide
your own evidence, or testify in your own defense.

>>>   The mere fact that you recently purchased a firearm or any
         ammunition constitutes evidence that can be used against you!

Often times the list of ‘evidence’ that the court can consider in deciding
to disarm you is the ‘recent acquisition of a firearm, ammunition, or
other weapons.’ So just buying a firearm or a box of .22’s could be
enough for a judge to order you stripped of your firearms.

We all know someone who has gone through a bad divorce. In fact, you may have gone through one yourself.

Can you imagine what an embittered ex-spouse could do to you if moderates in Wyoming enact this legislation? How about a neighbor who doesn’t like your pro-gun bumper sticker? The risk to gun owners is ENDLESS!

The Gun Control Lobby’s goal is to completely ELIMINATE due process to effectively enable bureaucrats to decide who gets guns and who doesn’t.

And while there is an appeals process built into the bill, I haven’t met a single gun owner in Wyoming who thinks that they would get a fair shake in front of a judge these days.

So how do we stop this from passing here in Wyoming?

The same way you and I did in 2018, when we passed Stand-Your-Ground over the objections of members of BOTH parties who threw roadblock after roadblock our way.

You and I are going to have to be willing to FIGHT.

And that’s why it is so important that you renew your membership in Wyoming Gun Owners for 2020 — so we have the resources we need to fight for you next session

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But we need to be ready for more than just a defensive fight in 2020, we need to be ready to go back on offense, too!

Anti-gun radicals in Cheyenne like to talk about mass shootings as justification for passing ‘Red Flags,’ a ban on the AR-15, a universal gun registry and much more, using the expression ‘if it just saves one life.’

As gun owners we agree, of course, that mass shootings are tragic, and we agree that something needs to be done.

But the one thing that Bloomberg lobbyists and the media NEVER own up to is that virtually every single mass shooting that has ever happened in this country took place in a ‘Gun Free Zone.’

And why wouldn’t they?

Afterall, buildings with ‘Gun Free Zone’ policies might as well hang a blinking neon sign over their door saying, ‘No one can fight back in here, you can wrack up a body count here!’

And that’s why Wyoming Gun Owners will be resuming our fight to do away with deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ on ‘government’ property next session, before a mass tragedy strikes here.

Obtaining a record, roll-call vote on this legislation will be a top goal of ours ahead of the 2020 election season.

If we receive a roll-call vote, we win either way.

Either the legislature passes the bill on to Governor Gordon — or they vote it down on the record — allowing WYGO to go after those lawmakers in the upcoming election season!

And legislators in Cheyenne know all too well how effective WYGO is at exposing gun grabbers, especially after WYGO members threw former Senator Fred Emerich to the curb during the 2018 primaries for his continual attack on the Second Amendment.

Wyoming is at somewhat of a crossroads.

We can sit back and watch more and more out-of-staters move into our beautiful state — bringing their “elite” value system along with them –- or we can stand up and fight back!

To me, the choice is simple, we have to fight.

If you agree, please renew your membership in Wyoming Gun Owners for 2020 immediately!

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If we don’t, everything we love about Wyoming could be lost overnight, including our hard won Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground laws.

But whether it’s fighting back against ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures,’ mobilizing grassroots pressure to repeal ‘Gun Free Zones,’ or preparing for the 2020 elections — it all takes resources.

And that’s why I hope that you will renew your support for Wyoming Gun Owners for 2020 right away, with a generous donation of $100!

I know that’s a lot, but we’re in a fight for our right to keep and bear arms, and for the future of our great state!

If $100 in not possible, I hope you’ll at least consider $75, $50 or $35!

Whatever amount you choose is up to you –- of course — just please take action today.

For Wyoming,

David Ball
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. The 2020 legislative session is going to be an all-out brawl as moderates in Cheyenne try to pass FIX-NICS legislation, the precursor to ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures!’

That’s why I’m counting on you to please be as generous as possible when you renew your membership in Wyoming Gun Owners for 2020

If you can afford $100, please send it now, remembering that all enhanced memberships come with a FREE WYGO T-Shirt!

But if that’s now possible, please consider $75, $50 or at least $35, as WYGO will also be working to obtain a roll call vote on legislation to finally rid Wyoming of deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ too!

Either way, we are in for a fight, and I need to know that you are still standing with us — please renew your membership today!