WyGO PAC web-site launched


CHEYENNE — WyGO PAC has been launched…we are on the road to Liberty! 

The WyGO PAC raises funds to support the election of pro-gun candidates within Wyoming.

Using a proven two-prong strategy, WyGO – (Wyoming Gun Owners Association) lobbying before and during the legislative session and WyGO-PAC exposing the anti-gun politicians during the election cycle — the new committee gives citizens of Wyoming a very powerful way to defend their gun rights without any risk of having their support handed over to politicians who treat the Second Amendment with contempt.

The philosophy is that we will be brutaly honest when exposing anti-gun candidates so gun owners will be able to confidently donate to a truly pro-gun PAC that will seek to elect only solid pro-gun candidates.

“Our new PAC won’t be welcome news for politicians who have or intend to betray gun owners, particularly on the concealed carry issue, we can no longer accept breadcrumbs” says WyGO PAC Chairman Anthony Bouchard.

To learn more about WyGO PAC or to donate – http://wygopac.org/