‘Poison Pill’ Legislation May Undermine Pro-Gun Bill!

I have good news and bad news to report.

Thanks to your calls and emails, the disastrous and deadly bill proposed by Rep. Connolly to mandate a 3-day waiting period for firearm purchases has been killed in committee.

Thanks to your loud voices and our boots on the ground, the pro-gun committee voted 8-1 to put this bill in the trash.

And it’s a good thing they did, otherwise helpless women and others here in Wyoming would be left defenseless to the actions of stalkers and others.

More than that, thanks to your calls and emails, both HB136 and HB137 “Campus Carry” and “Repeal Gun Free Zones” have passed the first round of floor votes in the House!

These bills wouldn’t have gotten this far without your calls, emails and Facebook messages! Thank you for all of your support!

But we have a problem.

You see, now is when these bills are most vulnerable to disastrous revisions or “poison pill” amendments.

And if we don’t act fast, that’s going to happen to this bill, too.

That’s because Representative John Eklund’s “Trojan Horse” gun-control bill — HB 194 — also just passed the first House floor vote.

Eklund is notorious for quietly working against the Second Amendment.

He lurks behind the scenes to water down, undermine, and outright kill pro-gun bills on a regular basis.

And this year is no different!

This year he filed HB194, which he calls “Campus Carry,” but in reality, it allows each school district to enforce whatever gun policy they want — effectively banning “Campus Carry

As if that weren’t bad enough, Eklund’s bill would also mandate that the name of anyone who carries on campus would be published, like a common criminal, and given to parents, students, and local law enforcement.

This is a de facto gun registry and it’s clearly designed to shame gun owners into not carrying!

Make no mistake: this is a bait and switch bill, and it’s aim is to gut the real “Campus Carry” bill filed by Rep. Bo Biteman.

(WyGo’s Membership Coordinator, Michelle Sabrosky, testifying in opposition to an arbitrary waiting period on buying defensive handguns in the House Judiciary Committee.)

All the support for pro-gun legislation has had an impact in Cheyenne. We’re seeing strong pro-gun bills move forward, and anti-gun bills being stopped in their tracks.

But, Wyoming Gun Owners isn’t the only organization active in the Capitol.

The anti-gun lobby is doubling down on their efforts to prevent us from passing any solid piece of pro-gun legislation again this year.

They know this is Wyoming, so they rarely try an outright attack by working to pass an overt gun-control bill.

Instead, they use ‘poison pill’ amendments to weaken and undermine solid legislation — just like they are trying to do right now.

This happens all the time.

We get close to passing meaningful pro-gun legislation, and like clockwork, a sudden, substitute amendment crawls out of some smoke-filled back room, where the deal has been struck to water down our gun rights.

We need your help immediately please. This is happening fast.

We can still stop it but we must act right now

We need you to call, email, and message your Representatives by Facebook and make sure they know you’re watching to see how they vote on this bill!

Insist that they vote NO on HB194, either as a stand alone bill or if it’s introduced as an amendment!

Don’t let them lecture you on “School Choice” or “Local Control.”

This is not local control, this is gun control – and we aren’t going to let it stand.

I need you to pick up the phone and call your Representative right now — and insist he support HB136 with no weakening amendments and oppose HB194!

(Not sure who your representative is — click here to find out.)

1.   You can call the House switchboard and they’ll connect you automatically based on your address. The number to call is (866)-996-8683.

2.   You can also email your legislator; a list of their emails can be seen here.

3.   Of course, most of them are on Facebook and can receive messages. So feel free to send them a message that way, too.

This is a new era in Wyoming.

The people have sent new leadership to Cheyenne and we can’t let them chip away at the Second Amendment as their first order of business!

We can’t let them set the precedence that the Second Amendment is something to be tinkered with.

Please stand with us and act fast!

For Freedom,


David Ball

P.S. Both good AND bad gun bills are moving in Cheyenne!

Thanks to you, both HB136 and HB 137 “Campus Carry” and “Repeal Gun Free Zones” have passed the first full House vote and are scheduled to be heard again this week

Unfortunately, the House also passed Rep. Eklund’s “Trojan Horse” gun bill — HB194 — as well, which would gut any meaningful “Campus Carry” legislation by allowing each school district to set their own policies and by publishing the names of gun owners who carry on campus!

I need your help right away!

Please contact your legislator now — using the information above — and tell him to vote “NO!” on HB194, whether on the floor or if it’s filed as an amendment