Pelosi Sliding H.R. 5717 Into CoronaVirus Stimulus Bill!

Nancy Pelosi and her America-hating cronies are trying to ram some, or all, of H.R. 5717 into the Phase 4 stimulus package that is currently being negotiated in Congress!

As you know, this legislation is the biggest gun control bill that America has ever seen!

Red flags gun seizures, AR-15 bans, universal gun registration, gun rationing, a national gun owners license scheme, bans on suppressors — this bill has it all.

And with Congress racing to get money out to individuals and small businesses as part of their Coronavirus response, Nancy Pelosi is hoping Senate Republicans don’t have the guts to tell her “No” to S.3254/H.R. 5717.

Honestly, she may be right.

That’s why it’s essential that you fire off this pre-written email to Wyoming’s congressional delegation right away, telling them to oppose this nasty legislation and fight for gun owners!

This fight will be won or lost in the Senate, and that’s why Mike Enzi and John Barrasso need to hear from you, so they know that we expect them to hold the line in the Senate.

While I would like to think that their support would be
assured, we can’t take any chances, especially now as everyone in Washington is nervous about being accused of blocking Coronavirus relief legislation.

Our precious freedoms are under attack right now. And our enemies are hoping that gun owners will be too distracted with this virus to notice what they are doing.

Fight back, send your pre-written email today!

And if you can, please make a donation of any amount today, so that Wyoming Gun Owners has the ammo to keep fighting for you in Cheyenne and in Washington

For Wyoming,

David Ball
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. Nancy Pelosi is trying to include some or all of H.R. 5717 in the Phase 4 stimulus bill that is being negotiated in Washington, hoping Senate Republicans will be too scared to oppose her!

Send your pre-written email to Senators Enzi and Barrasso and insist that they do everything they can to oppose this legislation and fight for gun owners!

When you’re done, please make a donation of $50, $25 or even just $10 to help Wyoming Gun Owners keep fighting for you