NRA pushing gun control in Wyoming?

Gun Control bill sponsor says that the NRA drafted and supported his gun control scheme.

In one of the most egregious “sneak-attacks” on your gun rights, HB-70 bill sponsors Representative Jonathan Botten (R-Sheridan) and Senator Drew Perkins (R-Natrona) launched an attack to expand the list of places where law abiding citizens like you and me can no longer defend ourselves.

This legislation “disguised” as a courtroom security measure would have expanded gun free zones to include ALL county buildings in Wyoming.

In an email, Republican Jonathan Botten admits NRA support of the gun control bill HB-70:

“…The NRA legal department did the drafting, and it is based upon similar laws sponsored by NRA in other states…At the last moment, NRA decided that for political reasons, it was not going to fully support HB70 as it had initially promised. NRA’s position became that it would not contest passage of this bill…”

Is this why the NRA was so quiet?

No emails of opposition from the NRA!

Not one single word about ANY Wyoming legislation on the NRA-ILA website!

This is definitely sobering news, but this is exactly why Wyoming Gun Owners exists.

Please contact Rep. Jonathan Botten – Ask him to follow Wyoming Gun Owners lead in opposing all gun control.

Jonathan A. Botten (R-Sheridan) – [email protected]

To Liberty,

Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
Wyoming Gun Owners