MAJOR Developments on Stand-Your-Ground Law!

Things are moving so fast in Cheyenne, it’s hard to put out emails fast enough!

As we told you Tuesday night, the Senate took a sledgehammer to our Stand-Your-Ground law with a massive strike-after amendment that gutted key components of the bill.

However, after your calls and emails demanding that they fix the bill, I’m happy to report that the Senate fixed much of the damage they did the day before!

The Senate then passed their Stand-Your-Ground bill (S.F. 71) through the Senate for the third and final time.

In the House, our bill there (H.B. 168) passed through today for the third and final time. Even better, it did so with no weakening amendments!

I can tell you that WYGO staff who are working the legislature are hearing from dozens of lawmakers about the number of calls and emails they are receiving from WYGO members!

Thank you so much for your activism — everyone here in the Capitol is hearing from you and talking about it!

From here, the process gets a little bit confusing.

Each chamber has passed a version of Stand-Your-Ground law. Now the opposite chamber needs to take up the other chamber’s version of Stand-Your-Ground law and pass it for this process to be over.

In other words, the House needs to pass the Senate’s version or the Senate needs to pass the House’s version — and it has to happen by the end of the day Monday!

In the coming days, we’re going to have action steps that we need you to take to make sure that your lawmakers know what you want them to do.

For today, I hope you’ll consider joining Wyoming Gun Owners as a member if you haven’t already done so.

I’ll be blunt: we need your help.

We have been mobilizing people using targeted social media, radio ads, direct mail, not to mention having our membership coordinator speaking to groups all over the state.

Our policy advisor has been working the scene in Cheyenne almost every day this session, for 8-12 hours a day.

We’re using every tool in our disposal to maintain the pressure in the Capitol, but we’re running low on funds to keep this going.

That’s why I hope you’ll join WYGO now!

Even now we’re working on radio ads that we will likely need to employ to make sure that Gov. Mead doesn’t veto this bill like he did the gun bill last year.

Some of you are able to make major contributions to this fight, and many of you already have.

For others, I know that times are tight and any amount you give is a true sacrifice.

Whatever you can afford, I hope you’ll take action right away so that Wyoming Gun Owners can keep this fight going right up until the end!

Please stay tuned for our next update!

For Freedom,

David Ball

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