Legislative Session Begins Today in Cheyenne – It’s Time to Fight!

Moments ago, the 2020 legislative session kicked off in Cheyenne, meaning our fight to defend and expand our Second Amendment rights just went into high gear!

Remember, session only lasts for a few weeks this year, so I need you to take immediate action so that lawmakers know what we demand of them during this 2020 session.

We all know what’s at stake.

Legislative moderates like Senator Von Flatern and Representative Bill Pownall, doing the bidding of holdover lobbyists from Matt Mead’s administration, are trying to ram FIX-NICS legislation into law.

As you know, this legislation would empower liberal judges to strip away your gun rights based on the say-so of a liberal mental health staffer who hates gun owners!

Further, the bill would pave the way for a full push for ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ as it normalizes the idea of a gun owner losing his gun rights without a criminal conviction!

Other lawmakers are telling WYGO that if leadership in the House and Senate think they can get away with it, they may try to rush ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation into law before they adjourn!

Remember, session lasts for just over 20 days this year!

On the one hand, this limits the damage they can do to our right to keep and bear arms.

On the other hand, lawmakers like to use this shortened session to ram bad legislation into law, assuming that we can’t mobilize gun owners against their gun control in time!

That’s why I hope that you will immediately use our new ‘Grassroots Action Center’ to tell your lawmakers what you expect from them, on the first day of the 2020 session!

Remember, our new state-of-the-art advocacy platform will allow you to communicate with your lawmakers easier than ever before.

You can email lawmakers automatically, call them with a click of your mouse, send them a message through Twitter, and you can even send them a video message!

It’s never been easier to fight for your rights!

Help us set the tone for the 2020 session on day one, by:

1. Firing off your pre-written email demanding that your lawmakers VOTE NO on H.B. 59, or any similar ‘Fix-NICS’ legislation that would allow a liberal judge to take away your gun rights before you’ve been convicted of anything!

3. Sharing the advocacy campaigns above with every gun owner you know. Email the links to them, share them on your Facebook page, do whatever you can to make sure that they take action, too!

Radical leftists in Cheyenne want to crush our Second Amendment freedoms through gun bans, universal background checks and a repeal of Stand-Your-Ground law.

And moderate Republicans in the Capitol, like Speaker Harshman and many others, believe that gun owners should simply give our votes and money to Republican lawmakers every two years and then sit down and shut up.

Take action now!

Remind these people who they work for! Send your emails today – it’s go time!

For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. The 2020 legislative session just kicked off in Cheyenne, meaning the war over the Second Amendment is officially underway!

Take action immediately using our ‘Grassroots Action Center’ above, and send two quick emails to your legislators, so they know what you expect of them!

If you aren’t yet a member of Wyoming Gun Owners, you can become one today.