Legislative Moderates Bringing Back FIX-NICS!

In case you missed our video announcement on our Facebook page last Saturday, I wanted to make sure you knew that Democrat-turned Republican Senator Michael Von Flatern and others are bringing back FIX-NICS legislation!

If you are confused, assuming that we dealt with this issue last year during the interim committee process, you would be correct.

This bill was considered — and rejected — by the Joint Judiciary Committee last summer because WYGO members thundered their opposition.

But Senator Von Flatern and Representative Pownall are hoping that with the extremely short 2020 legislative session, they can ram this bill into law before we have time to mobilize opposition to it!

To learn more about how dangerous this legislation is, check out our video update below.


But if you’re pressed for time, here are seven reasons why we need every gun owner in Wyoming to stand up and oppose this bill!

First, FIX-NICS legislation would empower liberal judges to take away your gun rights for life, before you’ve ever been convicted of a crime!

Everyone knows that the judiciary in this state, let alone the country, is quickly transitioning from being an impartial trier of the facts to a group of political activists looking to crush the Second Amendment.

Second, FIX-NICS legislation would let liberal mental health staffers decide the future of your gun rights, as the courts would defer to their ‘expert’ opinion. 

We all know, deep down, that most of these people hate our country, our flag, our President, the Second Amendment, and anyone who supports them.

Third, FIX-NICS legislation would pave the way for the eventual push for ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures,’ by normalizing the idea of disarming someone before they have been convicted of a crime!

This is happening every day in Colorado, and the gun-grabbers would love to make it a reality here!

Fourth, FIX-NICS legislation is merely a place-holder bill. Once passed into law, anti-gun lawmakers would immediately work to expand the list of people who can be added to this list, disarming them for life!

In Ohio, for example, Governor DeWine is working to expand their prohibited person’s list to include people who drink too much beer on the weekends inside their own home!

Fifth, FIX-NICS legislation, like every other gun control bill, is a ‘feel good’ bill that will be ignored by criminals bent on violence.

Background checks haven’t stopped crime. Gun free zones haven’t stopped crime. Waiting periods haven’t stopped crime. Neither will this bill, as we all know.

Sixth, by letting shrinks and judges unilaterally take away a person’s guns without a criminal conviction, the very type of people who need help will refuse to get it, out of a justified fear of losing their firearms.

As any modern veteran can tell you, many soldiers who come home from an overseas combat deployment refuse to talk to anyone about their experiences, because hundreds of thousands of vets have been disarmed by these bogus mental health exams!

Finally, this is a solution in search of a problem.

In the committee process last session, the lobbyist pushing this bill made it clear that they don’t know of a single case where a gun owner in Wyoming who shouldn’t have guns, still does.

Of course, we haven’t even talked about the political context of this bill.

You see, last session, the same swamp creatures who are pushing FIX-NICS led the charge to block our legislation to end deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ and legislation to fix the issues with Wyoming’s pre-emption laws.

So right now, despite our massive ‘pro-gun majorities,’ gun owners in Wyoming find themselves on the defensive in our own state legislature!

That’s why you need to take action immediately, using our automated system below.

From automated emails and Tweets, to video messages on your phone, to phone scripts you can use, we’ve made it easier than ever before for you to take action!


Remember, session starts in just two weeks and only lasts for 20 days, so you need to act fast.

If lawmakers are feeling the heat for two weeks straight leading up to the start of session, they won’t want any part of this legislation.

But if we sit back, giving them the impression that we are ok with this, this legislation will pass into law!

So take action today!

Then I hope you’ll make a donation to help WYGO fight!

We are spending heavily right now on digital and Facebook ad programs, trying to make sure that every gun owner in the state knows what’s going on.

But we can’t maintain this for very long, and if we stand down, moderates in Cheyenne will move to pass this bill the moment the gavel drops on the start of the 2020 session.

So if you can donate $100 today, please do! If $50 is more manageable right now, please send it today!

And I hope you know that even a gift of $25 or $10 can still ensure we can reach out to hundreds of additional gun owners! So if this is what you can afford, I hope that you will do so at once!

Whatever amount you can afford, please fire it off today!

Whatever you do, send off your emails today! These people work for you and me, let’s make sure they remember that!

For Wyoming,


Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. Anti-gun Republicans in Cheyenne are trying to resurrect the FIX-NICS gun control legislation that we stopped during the interim committee process last fall.

This is a NASTY bill, as we detailed above.

Please take action against H.B.59 right now, using our automated online advocacy program!

And when you’re done, please make a donation to help WYGO fight this bill as hard as we can


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