Legislation About to be Filed in Cheyenne!

Let me start by saying thank you!

The Wyoming legislature has only been in session for two days and already they are very aware that Wyoming Gun Owners is watching closely.

Because of the early support from you and fellow Wyoming gun owners, legislators are already paying attention!

We’re excited to announce we’ll be working with Representative Bo Biteman (HD-51) to repeal the deadly “Gun Free Zones” in Wyoming code!

I hope you’ll sign the petition to encourage our pro-gun majorities to stand with us in support of this bill, more on that in a minute.

The main reason Representative Biteman has agreed to take such a strong stance in support of the Second Amendment, is that he agrees these “Gun Free Zones” are dangerous.

He knows they only prevent victims and law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves and defending others.

And he knows that no amount of bureaucracy or fancy signs are going to keep criminals from breaking the law.

That’s why, in the coming days, he’ll be introducing to repeal Wyoming’s dangerous “Gun Free Zones.”

It’s a simple concept, really.

If you’re legally allowed to carry a firearm, you’re legally allowed to carry your firearm onto public property.

We’re not talking about areas that are otherwise prohibited by federal law, or private property owners who provide notice that carrying is forbidden.

We’re simply asking that the right to keep and bear arms not be stripped from law abiding citizens while they are in public.

And now it’s time to rally.

We need to gain as much early momentum as possible to compete with all of the agendas in Cheyenne.

As we said last week, nothing moves in Cheyenne unless it’s pushed.

So now is the time to sign your petition and let your legislators know you’d like them to co-sponsor the bill to repeal Wyoming’s dangerous “Gun Free Zones.”

Too many Americans are getting shot up in “Gun Free Zones,” take these recent examples:

  1. Last week a madman entered the Fort Lauderdale airport, shot and fatally wounded 5, and injured 8 in this “Gun Free Zone.”
  2. A few months ago 102 people were shot in a “Gun Free Zone” in Orlando — 48 of them were fatally wounded.
  3.  In Chicago, where the entire city is a virtual gun free zone, 691 people were killed last year, with almost 3,000 more seriously wounded!

As a matter of fact, mass shooters target “Gun Free Zones” 93% of the time!

That’s because violent criminals know they stand a much better chance of being un-opposed in “Gun Free Zones.”

I don’t want to read about a tragedy like this playing out here in Wyoming, and that’s why we need to see this legislation become law in 2017.

Your continued support and activism are crucial now that we’re back in session!

Here’s what you can do right now:

>>>  Make sure you’ve renewed your membership with Wyoming Gun Owners, so we have the resources we need to mobilize others to this fight.

>>>  Follow us on Facebook! Things happen fast here, and our Facebook page is where you can go to get up-to-the-minute updates.

>>>  Sign the petition to let your legislator know you want them to co-sponsor this important piece of legislation.

Thanks in advance for standing with us as we fight for the Second Amendment here in Wyoming. We will keep you updated!

For Freedom,



David Ball

P.S. We are just days away from the unveiling of Rep. Bo Biteman’s bill to repeal Wyoming’s deadly “Gun Free Zones!”

Now is the time to encourage your legislator to support this vital legislation by signing the petition asking them to co-sponsor the bill.

After you’ve signed the petition, make sure to share it with friends, and tune in to our Facebook page to get up-to-the-minute updates!