Immediate Action Needed: Repeal Gun Free Zones

I have great news from the Capitol, the Repeal Gun Free Zones Act now has two sponsors in the Wyoming Senate. And after visiting with both of them, I can tell you they are committed to defending your right to bear arms.

WyGO Executive Director Anthony Bouchard discussing HB-114 with Senate sponsors Sen. Curt Meier (left) and Sen. Cale Case (right).

WyGO Executive Director Anthony Bouchard discussing HB-114 with
Senate sponsors Sen. Curt Meier (left) and Sen. Cale Case (right).

Senator Curt Meier (R-Goshen/Niobrara/Weston) is the primary Senate sponsor, and Senator Cale Case (R-Freemont) is the lead co-sponsor for this much needed legislation to restore gun rights in Wyoming.

HB-114 is on Sen. Meier’s desk as we speak, making it very easy for your State Senator to just walk over and cosponsor. This bill (HB-114) passed the Wyoming House 42-17 without any amendments. And now the anti-gun lobby is cranking up the pressure on the Senate — demanding that they not advance this bill. As we witnessed in the House, the lobbyists have a stack of poisonous amendments ready to file in the Senate.

If the gun control crowd is successful, HB-114 will die a death by a thousand cuts in the Senate.

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With your help we can mobilize gun owners via direct mail, Facebook, Internet, and using targeted email campaigns. Remember, these Senators work for YOU. You elected them to go to Cheyenne to represent and vote for YOU, and to be YOUR voice in the Capitol. Make sure they don’t forget who they work for. So please, make your calls today! Call the Senate switchboard at 307-777-7711.

You can find your Senator by clicking here. Make sure your Senator co-sponsors HB-114 Repeal Gun Free Zones, that is currently sitting on Senator Curt Meier’s desk.

Make sure that your Senator knows how important it is that Repeal Gun Free Zones passes the Senate without any amendments. Let them know that HB-114 did pass the House with a 42-17 vote and that you expect the same from the Senate.

Please get your friends involved today – have them make phone calls and have them send emails. For Liberty, Anthony Bouchard Executive Director Wyoming Gun Owners P.S. HB-114 Repeal Gun Free Zones now has two bill sponsors in the Senate, and your immediate action is needed.

Call the Senate switchboard at 307-777-7711 and ask your Senator to stand up for you by co-sponsoring HB-114.

Tell your Senator that this legislation passed the House without any amendments and that you expect the same action from the Senate.

And if you can, please chip in whatever contribution you can afford to Wyoming Gun Owners today, our goal is to mobilize as many Wyomingites as possible using direct mail, Facebook, Email, and more.

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