HB-119 defeated by a block of Republicans

Today I watched as HB-119 was defeated on the house floor.

This legislation would have allowed citizens to carry in public schools and college campuses in Wyoming.

13 Republicans voted along with every Democrat in the house to kill legislation that would have ended gun free killing zones in Wyoming.

These are the NO votes on pro-gun legislation:

Rosie Berger          (Sheridan)
David Blevins         (Park)
Rita Campbell        (Fremont)
Richard Cannady    (Converse)
Elaine Harvey         (Big Horn/Park)
Dan Kirkbride         (Platte/Converse)
Michael Madden     (Johnson/Sheridan)
Bob Nicholas          (Laramie)
David Northrup       (Park)
John Patton            (Sheridan)
Jerry Paxton           (Carbon/Albany/Sweetwater)
Albert Sommers     (Sublette)
Dan Zwonitzer        (Laramie)

Stan Blake            (Sweetwater)
Cathy Connolly     (Albany)
Ken Esquibel         (Laramie)
Mary Throne         (Laramie)
Lee Filer                (Laramie)
John Freeman       (Sweetwater)
Goggles                (Fremont)

Please consider a donation of $20, $50, $75 or $100 and in doing so help us get mail to the constituents of the politicians that voted to keep gun free zones.


To Liberty,

Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
Wyoming Gun Owners