HB-114 Senate Committee Hearing Wednesday

Great news! Your grassroots activism has paid off… HB-114 Repeal Gun Free Zones will be heard in committee in just 2 days on Wednesday Feb, 25 at 8am — in Room 302 at the Capitol. Remember it’s best to arrive 30 minutes early.

Even if you plan on attending this important hearing, please take the recommended action below immediately. HB-114 will restore permit holders, or better said, ‘Wyoming’s most trusted citizens’ — the right to ‘self defense’ in public schools, public college campuses and government buildings.

The bill HB-114, passed the House in an overwhelming vote of 42-17 — now it’s time for the Senate to do the same. It should be noted that Wyoming’s Citizens who are permit holders have done something that most State Legislators have not. Permit applicants send their fingerprints to the U.S. Dept of Justice for the processing of a criminal background check. Any WY Legislator who votes against HB-114 will violate their oath to the Wyoming Constitution.

And if a lawmaker refuses to trust their own constituents, why should these same lawmakers be trusted with any legislative duties? The reality is, similar self defense laws have been tried and tested by neighboring Utah. You see, Utah Citizens have been exercising their right to self defense for the last 15 years — in public schools, public college campuses and government buildings. Sadly, Wyoming joined knee jerk reactions of states like Colorado by enacting foolish Gun Free Zone policies that clearly don’t work.

Utah gets it…Wyoming does not! But HB-114 only has a chance of advancing if you take immediate action by contacting the following ‘Republican’ committee members and demand that it be passed out of committee without any amendments. Let them know you’ll be watching how they act on this crucial vote.

>>Take Action, before it’s too late<<<

Contact the education committee members below and ask them to pass HB-114 without any amendments — just like the House did — so it can move to the Senate floor for a vote. Please contact the following Senators immediately:

-OR- For your convenience, you can copy and paste the following in the “send to” field:

[email protected];[email protected]; [email protected];[email protected]

Please consider a generous contribution to Wyoming Gun Owners of $100, $75, $50, or even just $5.

But most importantly, contact the committee members immediately.  

For Liberty,

Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
Wyoming Gun Owners  

P.S. Please contact the committee members listed and tell them HB-114 passed with a super majority in the House — without any amendments — and that you expect the same actions from the Senate.

Please consider chipping in whatever you can afford to Wyoming Gun Owners right away, that way I can continue to mobilize as many Wyomingites as possible using direct mail, Facebook, Email, and more.