HB-114 assigned to senate committee

HB-114 has been assigned to the Senate Education Committee and it awaits being added to the schedule.

This committee works very closely with the same “Education-Lobbyists” that want the bill gutted and dead on arrival. These committee members need to know you will be watching how they act on this much needed legislation that will restore the right to self defense across Wyoming.

Remember the House just passed HB-114 Repeal Gun Free Zones without ANY amendments.

Now it’s time for the Senate to step up and do the same.

Like you I find it upsetting that so many “Republican” politicians say they are “pro-gun” when asking for your vote. Then once safely in office, they ignore us, throw weakening amendments, or simply vote against pro-gun legislation. Sadly, two years ago the Republicans in this very committee deliberately allowed legislation — similar to HB-114 — to die in committee. Of course these same politicians continue to deny this ever happened.

Well now this same committee will have a chance to set the record straight with a clean up or down vote. It’s really that simple, either they are for us, or against us!

>>Take Action immediately<<<

Contact the education committee members below and ask them to pass HB-114 without any amendments — just like the House did — so it can move to the Senate floor for a vote.

And remember that a committee works for the entire state constituency, so contact the following Senators immediately:

Chairman Senator Hank Coe (Republican-Cody) [email protected]

Senator Jim D. Anderson (Republican-Converse/Platte) [email protected]

Senator Dan Dockstader (Republican-Lincoln/Sublette/Teton) [email protected]

Senator Stephan Pappas (Republican-Cheyenne) [email protected]


For your convenience, you can copy and paste the following in the “send to” field:

[email protected];[email protected]; [email protected];[email protected]

After you have contacted the committee members, please consider a generous contribution to Wyoming Gun Owners of $100, $75, $50, or even just $5. It’s only with your continued financial support that WyGO can expose anti-gun politicians all across Wyoming.

Be watching for my email to inform you of the time and date for the HB-114 committee hearing. If time allows you may consider participating by attending the hearing at the Capitol.

For Liberty,

Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. HB-114 Repeal Gun Free Zones has been placed in the Senate Education Committee and is awaiting being added to the schedule. Please contact the committee members listed and tell them HB-114 passed with a super majority in the House — without any amendments — and that you expect the same from the Senate.

Please consider chipping in whatever you can afford to Wyoming Gun Owners right away, that way I can mobilize as many Wyomingites as possible using direct mail, Facebook, Email, and more.