HB-104 Stop Obama’s gun control in Wyoming

Dear Friend,

HB-104 has been placed in committee. But so far, that’s about it — if it doesn’t move forward it may die a quiet death.The “Firearm Protection Act HB-104” is a bill that would make any anti-gun law or executive order which attempts to ban a semi-automatic firearm or limit the capacity of a magazine unenforceable in the state of Wyoming.Just as important it would penalize anyone trying to enforce unconstitutional gun control. The idea is simple, to protect your gun rights and the same time Wyoming’s Tenth Amendment right to self governance.Wyoming being the first state to propose such an act — has spread like wildfire across the nation — now similar legislation is being proposed in several state legislatures. But I want to tell you up front, the “Firearms Protection Act” will meet hard resistance in the Wyoming Senate. Of course we’ve been at this same crossroad before, the place in the road where your grassroots activism must be turned up a notch! I need your help right now! Here’s what I need you to do ASAP: 1.* Contact John Schiffer (R-Kaycee), the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, email him at [email protected] Urge him to support HB-104. Tell him to pass this bill out of committee without amendments or any delay. 2.* Next contact the following members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and voice your support for HB-104 — the Firearm Protection Act. Bruce Burns (R-Sheridan) [email protected] Leland Christensen (R-Teton) [email protected] 3.* Just as important, share this email with as many like minded friends and family. Don’t let anyone miss this opportunity to help protect our gun rights from Obama and his anti-gun cronies!

To Liberty, Anthony Bouchard Executive Director Wyoming Gun Owners