Harriet Hageman Stands Up for Gun Owners!

Talk is cheap.

It’s even cheaper when it comes from a would-be politician who is stumping for votes during a heavily contested primary!

That’s why Wyoming Gun Owners is in the midst of our candidate survey program for legislative and gubernatorial candidates — to get them on the record.

WYGO has seen it repeatedly in our ten-year history: If a candidate won’t put their views in writing, it often is a sign that they are secretly planning to work against you and me once safely in office.

That’s why we are so pleased to announce that Harriet Hageman has just completed her WYGO candidate survey with 100% pro-gun answers!

This means that Harriet has pledged to VETO:

>>> Any efforts to ban firearms or their accessories;

>>> ‘Red Flag’ legislation that would seize your firearms through secret court proceedings;

>>> Universal gun registration which would create the largest gun database in the state.

Of course it also means that Hageman has pledge to sign into law legislation that would end ‘Gun Free Zones’ on government owned property –- the very bill that Gov. Mead vetoed last year!

Please take a moment to thank Harriet Hageman for her strong stand for the Second Amendment.

Harriet now joins fellow contenders Foster Friess and Taylor Haynes in pledging, in writing, to FIGHT for gun owners if elected!
However, we have not heard ANYTHING from the other candidates who are seeking to be our next Governor.

We all know how important it is to have a gun rights leader in the Governor’s mansion.

After all, Governor Mead vetoed ‘Gun Free Zone’ repeal legislation last year and almost derailed our successful Stand-Your-Ground push this year!

Having a pro-gun executive can make or break pro-gun legislation, so please reach out to the other candidates who have not returned their survey right away.

Tell them that Friess, Haynes, and Hageman had no problem publicly standing up for gun owners — and that it is very alarming to you that any candidate would remain quiet on this important issue!

In particular, please contact:

Bill Dahlin; 307-752-0906 or [email protected]

Sam E. Galeotos; 307-630-2067 or [email protected]

Mark Gordon; 307-514-2341 or [email protected]

You can also reach them via Facebook!

The time for candidates and lawmakers to passively shrug and say, ‘I’m pro-gun’ and leave it at that ARE OVER!

If our gun rights are to remain secure for the next generation, we need lawmakers and a Governor who will stand up and fight for them!

Foster Friess, Taylor Haynes, and Harriet Hageman have pledged to do just that.

What about the rest?

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor

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