Gun Vote Held Over Until Monday!

It’s been a busy week at the Capitol here in Cheyenne!

As you know, HB136 and HB137 both passed through the full Judiciary Committee in the House this week, with WyGo staff on hand testifying in support of both bills.

But between a busy House debate calendar and some House members who couldn’t be there Thursday and Friday — the full House vote on these bills has been delayed until Monday.

But I have to tell you, the opposition is working hard to shut these bills down and they had many people testifying against them this week in committee.

That’s why it’s essential that you take the time you have this weekend to contact your representative and insist that he vote in favor of both HB136 and HB137.

As a reminder, HB136 would simply allow anyone who’s legally allowed to carry a firearm and who has a permit, to carry on college and university campuses.

As we all know, when a madman with a gun wants to rack up a body count, they always looks to places where they won’t encounter armed resistance.

Many students and teachers have paid the price for these misguided policies with their lives!

HB137 would simply lift the ban on carrying defensive firearms in government buildings.

Like college campuses, government buildings here in Wyoming are off-limits to gun owners — meaning it’s open season on you and me if we’re there doing business!

Both of these bills are designed with one thing in mind: to give law abiding citizens the ability to defend themselves against a violent predator.

As simple as it should be to get these passed, you know that we’ve been working on this for years, always being stopped by moderates in leadership and an anti-gun lobby that’s alive and well in Cheyenne.

Well, I refuse to accept that. With the massive majorities that we have in the House and Senate, it’s time that Wyoming move these bills.

It’s a fact that the legislature has locked down all pro-gun bills for FIVE YEARS IN A ROW!

Help us avoid that outcome, by pouring pressure on your representative right away, by:

>>>  Emailing your legislator, a list of their emails can be seen here.

>>>  Sending them a message on Facebook. They are all on Facebook these days, and you can get right through!

>>>  You can call the House switchboard and they’ll connect you automatically based on your address. The number to call is (866)-996-8683.

Please act fast!

This window of time allows gun owners to make their voices heard — but it also gives the other side more time to mobilize as well.

Please contact your legislator and make sure your friends contact theirs as well!

Lastly, we’re working around the clock to monitor this situation and get the word out to gun owners, but we can’t do it alone.

So please, renew your membership right away in Wyoming Gun Owners, or join for the first time, by clicking the box below.

Whether or not you can join, please contact your legislator right away — that’s most important!

Thank you for your activism.

For Freedom,
David Ball

P.S. HB136 and HB137 won’t be voted on until Monday — meaning that you and I have a few more days to call, email, and message our representatives via Facebook.

Please contact them immediately and urge them to support these bills and to resist any weakening amendments!

All of their contact info is listed above.

Remember, the other side is mobilizing as well during this break, so make your voice heard.

And, if you can, please join or renew your support in Wyoming Gun Owners right now — to help us keep fighting for the Second Amendment here in Wyoming!

Either way, please contact your legislators immediately!