Governor Mead’s dirty secret

As Wyoming celebrates ‘125’ years of statehood, Matt Mead could go down in history as being the worst Republican Governor Wyoming has ever had. Earlier this year I warned you of Governor Mead’s role in appointing a gun-grabbing judge to the Federal Courts. My worse fears materialized… A Federal Court ruling allowing guns inside of a parked vehicle has been overturned.

Mead's campaign image: The Marlboro Man vs. the Progressive Lawyer

(Left) Mead’s campaign image: The Marlboro Man.  (Right) The Progressive Lawyer he really is.

In a 2-1 appellate court decision on ‘Bonidy v. United States Postal Service’ — No guns are allowed inside of a vehicle in the public parking area of the U.S. Post Office. One of the two Judges is the dishonorable Gregory Phillips from Wyoming, who ignored the petition from the people — that it was a personal infringement to ban guns in a vehicle in a public parking lot. Never mind that rural customers would have to leave their guns at home when they travel considerable distances to arrive at a Post office. Or that in a metropolitan setting, leaving your gun behind makes you vulnerable to bloodthirsty thugs who don’t obey the law anyway. How did Gregory Phillips come to this faulty logic? With more flawed thinking of course. Here it comes. The opinion of the court was that it was wrong to second guess the bureaucrats who are running the nearly bankrupt U.S. Postal Service.

And you can thank Matt Mead for this monumental setback of your right to keep and bear arms!

Mead selected ‘Democrat’ Gregory Phillips to be the Wyoming Attorney General. And this was the first step to getting a known gun-grabber appointed to the Federal bench. There is no other way to explain Mead’s actions except this: Appointing Phillips was a move to raise the political stature of Phillips — so he could be nominated as a Federal Judge by Barack Obama. And it was only two years after Mead ‘hand picked’ his Attorney General that Mead said, “I have known Greg Phillips for almost 30 years….In my mind there is no one better to sit on the Tenth Circuit of Appeals than Greg Phillips.” It should also be noted that Mead worked with Phillips in the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Sadly, Wyoming’s U.S. Senators are carrying the same water… Senator(s) Mike Enzi and John Barrasso are also guilty for fast-tracking Phillips to a lifetime career on the bench. Enzi stated on the floor of the U.S. Senate: “Greg was on the Senate Judiciary Committee when we served together in the Wyoming Legislature…I can personally attest to Mr. Phillips’ qualifications to serve as a federal judge.” Barrasso chimed in by adding, ”Greg Phillips will be an outstanding judge.” It’s no surprise…the accolades from all three ‘Republicans’, Mead, Barrasso and Enzi included absolutely no mention of following the Constitution and its restraints on government.

It’s simple, appointing Phillips to the appellate court bench promotes their unconstitutional agenda.

Just like the Federal Executive Office, the State Office also looks to install Judges that have like-minded philosophies. So, what has Phillips done to deserve such gratitude from the establishment politicians? Just how did Phillips prove himself worthy to be lifted up to higher office?

Here’s the inside story:

In a historic (and costly) attack on Wyoming citizens’ freedom to elect, Phillips as Mead’s appointed Attorney General took part in a massive witch hunt to oust now former Superintendent of Education Cindy Hill. This was really a move by the liberal-progressives to turn an ‘elected position’ into another appointment of the Governor’s office. The operatives even publicly admitted that this was a move to make Wyoming fall in with other states who had similarly moved to appointing superintendents. Wyoming House Minority Leader Mary Throne a Cheyenne Democrat and hardcore lefty told the Huffington Post that, she was pleased that Mead signed the [unconstitutional] legislation for the removal of Superintendent Hill. >>>This should be proof enough that Mead is aligned with the wrong team<<< In an opinion released by Attorney General Phillips, Mead was assured that ousting an elected official was “constitutional.”

Well we know how that worked out. After spending millions of state dollars, Wyoming’s Supreme Court ruled that Mead and Phillips’ charade was in fact unconstitutional.

This epic fail by Mead and his hand picked Attorney General was literally an unconstitutional disaster. And for repayment of this ‘hard fought LOSS’ — the skids where greased —> It’s just as it seems, when incompetent boobs follow their marching orders, they are raised up to the next level of governmental control. Bureaucrats actually have a term for this practice. It’s called, “screw up, move up.” And lets not forget, Mead’s push in the courts to overturn gun rights… Mead’s appointed Attorney General also fought to overturn a long standing precedent. One where the police must have a reason to detain a person who is merely open carrying a sidearm. Specifically during this Wyoming case and Federal court battle, an Obama appointed Judge ruled that the police can do whatever they want – not even the right to bears arms has any standing. (Mead, Phillips and Obama all agree)

Mead regularly serves the wrong master — Wyoming’s State building ‘gun free zone’ policy is in force by executive order.

The actions of all who are involved is so telling, the goal is to crush constitutional protections! Gregory Phillips is such a flaming liberal that as a State Senator — he voted YES on AFL-CIO backed legislation that would force workers to join Unions against their will.

Mead, Barrasso and Enzi all knew damn well who they were promoting to higher office!

And this is the reason the state legislature must pass legislation to make the Attorney General an ‘elected’ position. Appointments only breed more incompetent government!

Mead or any Governor should not hold all the power. 

Of course, Obama was paying close attention to the unconstitutional actions of Wyoming’s Attorney General. As President Obama ushered in his newest quisling he stated, that Gregory Phillips has “proven” himself and that he has been a “faithful public servant.” Mead, Barraso and Enzi all tell you they care – but in the end they all worked to achieve the same goals as Barack Obama! Very factually, it’s hard to tell any difference between so many Republican and Democrat candidates. You see, they just can’t win when they run as Democrats. (this is why WyGO’s candidate survey program is so vital to Wyoming’s well-being) Remember, Matt Mead first entered the political scene when he resigned as U.S. Attorney and jumped in the ring for a vacant U.S. Senate seat.

And insiders tell us that Mead still has his eye on higher office. This is why it’s so crucial for you to become a financial supporter of Wyoming Gun Owners.

The media isn’t going to report anything near the reality. WyGO is the only organization working at this level to ensure that voters know the truth. WyGO can only run radio ads and ensure delivery of postal mailings based on your financial commitment.

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For Freedom,

Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
Wyoming Gun Owners