Governor Mead to Veto HB 137?

This is the rumor that’s swirling around Cheyenne as insiders report to us that Governor Mead is on the verge of doing the bidding of gun grabbers — by vetoing HB 137!

This is outrageous and I need your immediate action to help stop it.

As a reminder, HB137 simply removes the current ‘Gun Free Zone’ policies that ban concealed carry in our state capitol, county buildings, city halls and more for those citizens with a carry permit.

You know, the very places that taxpayers and law abiding gun owners like you and me pay to build and maintain!

This is vitally needed legislation, as we all know that mass shooters target these ‘gun free zones’ to carry out their violent attacks — knowing that you and I will be defenseless in these areas.

Now, after the bill passed the House and Senate, the anti-gunners are pouring the pressure on Governor Mead who is reportedly leaning against your gun rights and may veto this bill!

That’s why I need you to contact him right away and insist that he stand up for gun owners, not the well-financed anti-gun lobbyists that are whispering in his ear non-stop.

And make no mistake, carrying into these areas isn’t a novel idea that’s come out of nowhere. States across the country are moving to enact this legislation.

The Iowa House, for example, voted just yesterday to allow for concealed carry in their State Capitol building.

Missouri, last month, also moved to allow for permitted concealed carry in their State Capitol building.

Of course, many states have had this provision in their state law for years!

But now we’re hearing that this bill is in danger of being vetoed right here in Wyoming by Governor Mead, so please act fast!

Please help us do that by contacting Governor Mead right away. You can:

>>> Call his office at (307) 777-7434.

>>> Send him a message via Facebook.

>>> Send him an email by clicking here.

Your message is very simple, and you can use the sample message provided below if you’d like to.

 Dear Governor Mead,

  Studies show that the overwhelming number of mass  shootings occur in so-called “Gun Free Zones.”

  While doing nothing to stop armed criminals bent on  murder, these areas force me to disarm when going  about my daily affairs and would leave me helpless in  the event of a criminal attack.

  Hundreds of Americans have died in these “Gun Free  Zones” in the past few years as a result of these  failed policies.

  HB 137 was just passed by the legislature and it  would lift the ban on carrying in many government  buildings that are currently off-limits to gun owners  here in Wyoming.

  Please sign HB 137 into law right away, for the  safety of all law abiding citizens in Wyoming!

  Signed: _____________________

Now is our chance to get this done!

But as we saw in the floor votes, we can’t trust a politician based on their political party affiliation as many of our ‘friends’ voted against this bill.

And don’t forget, many ‘pro-gun’ legislators also voted to kill Campus Carry earlier this session, too.

This isn’t a party issue, it’s a freedom issue.

So please make your voice heard by contacting the Governor right now!

And please help WyGo get the word out and mobilize more gun owners with a donation of $50, $25 or at least $10 today

For Freedom,

David Ball

P.S. Insiders are reporting to WyGo that Gov. Mead is on the verge of vetoing HB 137, our bill to repeal the ban on concealed carry in places like the State Capitol, city halls, county buildings and more!

‘Gun Free Zones’ like this are notorious for being the favorite target of madmen who are looking to rack up a body count.

The legislature has done its job, now Gov. Mead needs to do his! It’s urgent that you contact him –- using the information provided above — right away and insist that he support this legislation.

And please chip in $50, $25 or even just $10 to help us get the word out to gun owners in Wyoming.