Fwd: Committee Update with Congressman Matt Gaetz!

As we told you this morning, Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democrats are holding a Judiciary Committee hearing on a truly depraved gun control bill.

The American Firearms Association — our national affiliate — has been on hand all day and recently sent out this update, including an interview with Congressman Matt Gaetz!

Please read the email below and watch this video.

When you are done, please send this PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to your Congressman immediately, so he/she knows where you stand!


The fight for the Second Amendment is raging right now in D.C. Please send your emails and then get involved in this fight today by becoming a member of Wyoming Gun Owners!

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The Judiciary Committee hearing over Nancy Pelosi’s omnibus gun control bill (H.R. 7910) has been raging for well over five hours now, and there’s no end in sight!

This monster gun control bill incorporates at least eight separate proposals and would deal a massive blow to our gun rights if passed into law.

AFA’s team has been on Capitol Hill all day, meeting with pro-gun members of Congress as AFA mounts a full court press to shut this bill down.

Ijust spoke with Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz about the Democrat’s plan to use the Uvalde, TX shooting to disarm gun owners. Watch the video below for a front-line report!

As you just heard, our gun rights are going to be “being dithered away by fools” unless gun owners take immediate action and hammer on Congress before it’s too late!

So hit the link below and send this PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to your Congressman, demanding he/she VOTES NO on this bill.

<<< HELP US DEFEAT H.R. 7910! >>>

While this bill is expected to be amended on the floor with additional pieces of gun control, some of what is already contained in H.R. 7910 is language that would:

>>> Make it a felony for anyone under the age of 21 to buy an AR-15 or similar firearm;

>>> Make it a felony for anyone to buy a magazine that holds over ten rounds of ammunition;

>>> Force gun owners to register all homemade (80% lower-style) firearms with the feds through the NICS system;

>>> Reclassify bump stocks as a destructive device, making them subject to the NFA Act and regulated like a machine gun;

>>> Force you to lock up your guns 24/7 if you have children in your home, making it a felony for gun owners to have access to a firearm for self-defense in almost all cases.

AFA will be going live on our social media platforms later today with a complete recap on this hearing, the schedule on floor action, and how you can help us FIGHT BACK!

For Freedom,

Patrick Parsons

Executive Vice President
American Firearms Association

P.S. For the very latest of the fight to stop H.R. 7910 in Congress, watch the video update above featuring Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz and myself!

Then take action! Email your Congressman immediately, and demand that they VOTE NO on this massive gun control bill!

<<< HELP US DEFEAT H.R. 7910! >>>

Stay tuned for a live, video update from AFA later tonight on our Facebook page, YouTube channel, and other social media outlets.