Four Hours Until They Decide!

I know we sent you a message earlier today, but there is something happening in just a few hours that I need you to be aware of.

Once you’re up to speed — I need you to take immediate action!

At 4pm this afternoon, the Natrona County Board of County Commissioners will be deciding on a replacement for State Representative Kendell Kroeker, who resigned after the Nov. 8 election.

Again, that’s 4pm TODAY!

WyGo members will remember that Rep. Kroeker has been an outspoken advocate for the Second Amendment, which is why it’s vital that we replace him with an equally pro-gun legislator!

That’s why yesterday WyGo volunteers were busy working to get signed candidate surveys from all three candidates looking to replace Rep. Kroeker.

And I have to tell you, I have good news and bad news to report.

After I report the results of our survey program, I need you to make calls to the County Commissioners, letting them know where you stand on these issues!

The WyGo survey is straightforward — we simply want to know where each candidate stands on a host of Second Amendment issues including:

  • Gun Free Zone Repeal; this is our main focus in 2017, as we all know that “Gun Free Zones” only serve to disarm you and me, while not stopping a single criminal.

  • Bans on “High Cap” Magazines; if passed into law, this legislation would do nothing to stop criminals, but would make you a criminal for carrying more than an arbitrary number of rounds of ammunition!

  • Bans on AR’15’s and similar firearms; these firearms are used by thousands of Wyoming gun owners for self-defense, sports shooting, and hunting, but legislators constantly try to ban them.

  • Open Carry; this isn’t New York or some other liberal bastion, and we have a proud history of Open Carry in Wyoming. But many legislators talk about repealing this, which would do nothing to stop crime, but would make criminals out of you and me.

This should give you an idea of what the WyGo candidate survey program is all about — separating the pro-gun candidates from those who just say they are.

After all, if a candidate won’t publicly support the Second Amendment now, when they are courting votes, why would they back the Second Amendment once safely in office?

Here’s what we know so far:

  1. Bruce Sell has signed our survey 100% pro-gun!

    • Bruce has pledged, in writing, to fight gun control tooth and nail and back pro-gun legislation like the “Gun Free Zone” repeal bill that we’re working on this year.

  2. Sadly, Joe MacGuire has refused to answer our candidate survey.

    • When WyGo volunteers spoke with him last night, he said he was too busy to attend to it.

    • We even offered to drive to his home and pick it up in person — and still he couldn’t be bothered to answer a simple 14-question survey!

  3. But the worst results came from Ed Opella. Ed returned our survey, and the results were shocking.

    • You see, Ed Opella SUPPORTS deadly “Gun Free Zones!”

    • He OPPOSES ‘Open Carry’ law here in Wyoming!

    • He’s OPPOSED to AR’15s and the hundreds of similar modern firearms like it.

    • Opella even backs legislation to ban magazines over an arbitrary number, just like Colorado did a few years ago.

I’m sure you can see why I’m so alarmed!

One candidate is refusing to tell us where he stands, while another is in the bag for gun control here in Wyoming!

Thankfully, Bruce Sell is standing up for gun owners and has signed his survey 100% pro-gun.

But now I need your immediate help, as the County Commissioners will be making their decision in less than 4 hours!

Please contact the commissioners using the information provided below and tell them what you think about these candidates!

They need to hold the line — right here — or in time we’ll become another Colorado where everyone said that “Gun control can never happen here,” until one day it did.

So please contact:

Steve Schlager: (307)258-6224 or [email protected]

Matt Keating: (307)259-8308 or [email protected]

John Lawson: (307)251-0233 or [email protected]

Forrest Chadwick: (307)259-0286 or [email protected]

Rob Hendry: (307)259-6203 or [email protected]

Please contact them immediately, and tell them who you support to replace Rep. Kroeker!

Once you’re done, please share this with your friends and make sure they do the same thing!

For Freedom,


David Ball

P.S. In less than 4 hours, the Natrona County Commissioners will vote on who will replace Rep. Kendell Kroeker in the Wyoming House.

Joe MacGuire is refusing to answer the WyGo candidate survey.

Ed Opella did, but supports “Gun Free Zones,” and opposes Open Carry, AR’15s, and a ban on magazines over an arbitrary number!

Thankfully, Bruce Sell has returned his WyGo survey with 100% pro-gun replies!

Please contact the commissioners using the information above and insist that they support the Second Amendment when making their decision later today!