Foster Friess Stands Up for Gun Owners!

As you know, Wyoming Gun Owners is in the midst of our candidate survey program where we ask the candidates to put their views on the Second Amendment in writing.

These questions, taken from our members, are designed to separate the sheep from the goats where your gun rights are concerned.

After all, it’s Wyoming.

EVERYONE says that they are pro-gun at a campaign event! But not everyone will commit to the Second Amendment by signing a candidate survey.

That’s because would-be lawmakers do not like the idea of groups of people being able to hold them accountable — which is exactly what you and I would do if a lawmaker were to break his word and betray gun owners.

A candidate who refuses to sign a simple 9 question survey is most likely a would-be lawmaker who is looking to work with moderates and anti-gun Democrats once safely elected.

Gun owners have seen this before.

Governor Mead, who claims to be pro-gun, vetoed the ‘Gun Free Zone’ repeal bill placed on his desk last session and then REFUSED to sign Stand-Your-Ground legislation into law earlier this year!

That’s why we issue surveys, to get the candidates on the record, giving us the ability to hold them accountable!

In addition to surveying candidates for legislative office, WYGO is also in the midst of a gubernatorial program, as having a pro-gun Governor to replace the feckless Gov. Mead is essential!

And that’s why we are so pleased to announce that Foster Friess is the first gubernatorial candidate to answer his WYGO survey — with 100% pro-gun responses!

This means that Foster Friess has promised that he would, if elected, VETO gun control bills like:

>>> Red Flag Gun Seizures; which would allow you to lose your gun rights based on secret court proceedings and without even being charged with a crime.

>>> Universal Background Checks; which would make it a crime to transfer any firearms (even amongst family members) without going through a government check first!

>>> Veterans Disarmament Act; which would disarm every American citizen under the age of 21, including those who have served in the military with distinction!

But as important as what he would veto, is the bill that Foster Friess has pledged to sign into law if elected.

Whereas Gov. Mead vetoed our bill to do away with deadly ‘Gun Free Zones,’ Foster Friess has pledged to sign that bill into law if we get it to his desk!

He’s also promised to support our hard-won Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry laws, in the event that the legislature ever attempts to roll them back.

This is great news!

Does that mean that a candidate who signs our survey is to be trusted 100% and that they never break their word? Of course not.

But a candidate who signs on the dotted line is a lot more trustworthy than a candidate who is refusing to sign at all!

That’s why I hope that you’ll take a moment to send a message to the other candidates seeking to be your next Governor and ask them where their WYGO candidate survey is!

Please contact:

Bill Dahlin; 307-752-0906 or [email protected]

Sam Galeotos; 307-630-2067 or [email protected] ;

Mark Gordon; 307-514-2341 or [email protected]

Harriet Hageman; 307-631-2834 or [email protected] ;

Kenneth Casner; 307-348-7478 or [email protected] ;
Michael Green; 307-354-8125

Mary Throne; 307-274-6224 or [email protected] ;
Rex Wilde; 307-365-0386

Your question is simple: where is your Wyoming Gun Owners candidate survey?

Don’t fall for any excuses about how pro-gun they are, how they hunt, how they own firearms, or anything else. We heard these same things from President Obama and VP Biden.

Talk is cheap!

Tell them to sign the survey and commit in writing, just like Foster Friess has done!

Then please make a contribution to Wyoming Gun Owners of $50, $25 or $10 to help us get the word out about our survey program!

Gun owners need to have the facts, there is simply too much at stake for them not to!

Lastly, if you want the latest information about where your legislative candidates stand on your gun rights, please check out our survey results page here

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor

P.S. Foster Friess is the first gubernatorial candidate to sign the WYGO candidate survey 100% pro-gun! Be sure to thank him for his stance.
While you’re at it, contact the other candidates using the information above and ask them where their survey is!


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