End of Session Report from Cheyenne!

With the 2019 legislative session in the books, gun owners are furious, as our legislation to repeal ‘Gun Free Zones’ in government buildings was killed by legislative leaders.

But they weren’t the only ones who must be held accountable.

Other lawmakers, who pledged to stand with gun owners, betrayed us when we needed them more than ever.

But we also had some ferocious champions for freedom stand up and fight for gun owners, and they need to be recognized as well.

For the full report, please watch the video that our Policy Advisor, Aaron Dorr, has made

After you’ve seen this video, please take a couple of steps to help us maintain the pressure.

First, be sure to thank Senator Bouchard, Representative Dan Laursen, and Representative Salazaar for sponsoring these bills and for helping us to get a vote on them!

Second, share this video with every gun owner you know!

Third, become a member of Wyoming Gun Owners today!

Understand that where our gun rights are concerned, we are either gaining ground or we are losing ground, there is no in between.

And with Speaker Harshman and Senate President Perkins working to kill all of the pro-gun bills this session, a new gun control threat is looming.

We’ll have more information about this shortly.

But as gun owners, we need to stand together now, lest we become the next Colorado and watch our gun rights stripped away one by one.

  For Wyoming,

David Ball
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. With the 2019 legislative session in the books, gun owners are furious that leaders from the House and Senate killed pro-gun legislation this year!

To see what happened in Cheyenne, check out our video report.