Eight Anti-Gun Votes Mary Throne Hopes You Never Hear About!

With her Democratic nomination safely in hand, Mary Throne is hoping to pull the wool over the eyes of every gun owner in the state!

Longtime WYGO members will remember that for the ten years she was elected, Mary Throne constantly tried to tell us how much she supports the Second Amendment.

Now, as she runs for Governor, Throne is regaling gun owners with stories of her childhood and the gun that her dad kept behind the front door.

She’s a stalwart supporter of gun rights…

…or that’s what she wants you to believe anyway.

The truth is much uglier.

The reality is that Mary Throne has a record of backing gun control that SPANS ALMOST A DECADE!

Now that she is seeking to be Wyoming’s next Governor, she will be doing everything she can to hide the ugly truth about her voting record on the Second Amendment.

That’s why Wyoming Gun Owners has taken the time to compile this list of Throne’s most unforgiveable votes against Second Amendment freedom.

Once you read this, I hope you will do two things with the information — more on that below!

As you will see below, this wasn’t just a one-time occurrence.

Throne’s record of attacking gun rights, and gun owners, spans almost a DECADE! Consider:

Number 1: Throne’s vote TO MAINTAIN the deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ that leave you and I defenseless in almost all government buildings. (H.B. 114 2/2/2015)

This, despite the fact that ‘Gun Free Zones’ are routinely attacked by madmen looking to rack up a body count!

Number 2: Throne’s vote AGAINST using silencers while hunting, something that dozens and dozens of states allow for. (S.F. 132 2/13/13)

Every gun owner knows that silencers aren’t only used by criminals, but save the hearing of gun owners and don’t scare the game that other hunters are stalking nearby.

Number 3: Throne’s vote AGAINST the Wyoming Firearms Protection Act, which would negate federal gun control foisted upon Wyoming by then President Obama! (H.B. 104 2/1/2013)

This very popular bill would simply assert Wyoming’s sovereignty and require state officials to not enforce any of Obama’s gun control mandates.

Number 4: Throne’s vote AGAINST legislation that requires state approval of any local gun control, passed by anti-gun localities, who had a vendetta against the Second Amendment. (H.B. 103 2/1/13)

This bill would make sure that Wyoming citizen’s Second Amendment freedoms could not be trampled on by a local governmental entity, absent state approval. This bill was so popular, Throne was one of just 6 lawmakers to oppose it!

Number 5: Throne’s vote AGAINST a bill that allows for the carrying of concealed handguns on all school property, including college campuses! (H.B. 105 2/1/13)

Nothing is more extreme than voting to leave our children and young adults, the most helpless among us, vulnerable to a violent attack by refusing to allow teachers, administrators, and other law-abiding citizens the right to carry on school grounds.

Number 6: Throne’s votes AGAINST Constitutional Carry! (S.F. 47 2/25/11)

This landmark bill simply makes the concealed carry permit optional for law abiding citizens, as over a dozen other states do.

Number 7: Throne’s vote AGAINST allowing employees to leave their firearms secured in their vehicle while at work. (H.B. 207 2/9/11)

By opposing this bill, Throne voted to continue the process where employees must go to and from work unarmed, or risk losing their job.

Number 8: Throne’s vote AGAINST legislation that would allow firearms manufactured in Wyoming to no longer be subject to federal firearms regulations. (H.B. 95 3/3/2010)

Since the firearms are made and sold in the same state, interstate commerce laws would not apply, freeing manufactures from cumbersome federal regulations.

From opposing Constitutional Carry, to blocking bills to help keep our kids safe, to supporting the Obama gun control agenda -– Mary Throne’s record against gun rights is atrocious!

And, as you can see, her war against your gun rights has spanned years, for virtually the entirety of her ten years in the House.

But it’s not enough that you and I possess this information.

It’s essential that Wyoming Gun Owners be able to get this information out to tens of thousands of gun owners in Wyoming, so they can have the facts!

Throne’s spin machine is already running at full tilt, and that is only going to increase as we move into campaign season.

That’s why I am asking WYGO supporters to make a generous donation to help us get the facts out about Throne’s war on the Second Amendment!

We are hoping to run a massive program on Mary Throne!

I’m talking about direct mail, targeted Facebook videos, mass email, and even radio and TV ads if we can raise the resources.

Please help us!

For $1,000 we can deploy over two dozen radio spots that will be heard all over the state, exposing Mary Throne before tens of thousands of gun owners.

For $500 we can make sure that our ads highlighting Throne’s war against gun owners is seen by tens of thousands via social media!

For $250 we can roll out a series of state wide emails like this one, to make sure that gun owners have the facts!

I know I’m asking for a lot.

I wouldn’t be asking for it if we didn’t need it. It’s essential that we stay on offense here in Wyoming.

Honestly, exposing Throne is about more than just Mary Throne.

That’s because there are numerous lawmakers on ‘our side’ in Cheyenne who have championed her before, and some that may be tempted to do so again.

But by unleashing on Throne, you and I are reminding every elected official in Wyoming that there is a price to be paid for standing against gun owners -– a price that we won’t fail to collect!

Some of you have the ability to underwrite a sizeable portion of our program using one of the options above; in fact, some of you already have.

For others I know that a donation of $250, $100 or even just $50 is a major sacrifice.

But you should know that for $250 I can deploy over 50,000 emails, blanketing Wyoming with the facts that Throne is trying so hard to keep hidden.

For $100 I can sponsor a fact-laden video on Facebook, targeted right down to a city street, that will reach out to somewhere between 10,000 to 20,000 people! Think of the reach you can have, for just $100!

Whatever you can do — now is the time!

Again, I don’t know what you can afford.

What I know is that we can’t afford to let Throne get away with hiding the truth about her record!

So please, whatever you can do, please donate immediately to help us fund the program I laid out above!

Thank you, in advance, for standing with us in the fight to defend the 2nd Amendment here in Wyoming!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. Gubernatorial candidate Mary Throne is already moving at full speed, desperately trying to keep her radical anti-gun votes on the Second Amendment under wraps.

But as you can see above, we have pages of information, detailing Representative Throne’s attacks against the Second Amendment as well as gun owners!

Now it’s our job to expose her in front of tens of thousands of gun owners. We have a plan to do just that, as you can see above, but we need help to implement it!

Please make a generous donation right now, to help us expose Mary Throne’s war against your Second Amendment freedoms –- reminding all legislative candidates that Wyoming Gun Owners will always be there to hold them accountable!

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