Don’t Let Governor Mead Veto Stand-Your-Ground Law!

This is an emergency!

We only have a day and a half left for Governor Mead to support or veto Stand-Your-Ground law.

The lawmakers we have spoken to in the Capitol say this bill is the largest expansion of Second Amendment freedom in memory, maybe in the history of Wyoming!

The bill has amazing support in the legislature.

The House passed Stand-Your-Ground legislation, H.B. 168, by an overwhelming vote of 49-11!

In the Senate, it passed by a margin of 26-4!

A large number of county GOP Committees — as well as the state GOP Committee — are all publicly championing this bill.

And the supermajority of Wyoming citizens want this bill to pass as well.

But none of that will matter if Governor Mead vetoes this bill — and the pressure is mounting on him to do just that!

So please call him immediately at 307-777-7434!

You can also send him a message via Facebook!

Act now, even if you’ve already called and emailed the Governor. We are almost out of time!

For Freedom,

David Ball

P.S. With just a day and a half left to make a decision, we still don’t know if Governor Mead will sign or veto Stand-Your-Ground law.

This bill has overwhelming support in the legislature, not to mention the support of tens of thousands of gun owners here in Wyoming!

But the pressure to veto this bill is mounting, so please call the Governor immediately and urge him to support Stand-Your-Ground law!

The number to call is 307-777-7434!

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