Do You Have Two Minutes and a Cell Phone?

We’re down to the wire!

Insiders have reported to us that Governor Mead intends to veto HB 137 as early as MONDAY MORNING!

But we’re hearing that Mead is also nervous about the potential blowback from gun owners here in Wyoming should he block this gun bill.

That’s why it’s absolutely essential that you call him immediately and insist that he sign this bill into law or allow it to pass into law on its own.

As a reminder, HB 137 simply removes the current ‘Gun Free Zone’ policies that leave you and I defenseless in so many government buildings here in Wyoming.

These are the same places that violent murderers target so often when looking to create a body count!

The House passed the bill.

The Senate did the same.

Now it’s time that Governor Mead fight for gun owners!

This isn’t some liberal state like Colorado, Washington, or Oregon where gun control is the norm.

This is Wyoming!

Gun owners need to speak up loudly and insist that Governor Mead support this legislation!

As you likely know, rumors have been swirling for some time about Governor Mead’s desire to seek higher office when his time as Governor ends next year.

You see, he’s betting that gun owners will allow him to trample on your freedoms and still be willing to back his play for higher office down the road.

Make sure he knows that will never happen!

Don’t forget, Governor Mead signed a bill just three days ago that allows violent felons to have access to black powder and antique firearms!

So he trusts felons, convicted of violent felonies, but he doesn’t trust you and me to carry to defend our families?

Make sure he knows what you think of that, by calling him right away. You can also message him on Facebook and email using the information below.

So please:

>> Call him at (307)777-7434.

>> Message him on Facebook.

>>> Email him using this link.

If you’d like, feel free to use the pre-written email I’ve provided for you below.

     Dear Governor Mead,

Studies show that the overwhelming number of mass shootings occur in so-called “Gun Free Zones.”

While doing nothing to stop armed criminals bent on murder, these areas force me to disarm when going about my daily affairs and would leave me helpless in the event of a criminal attack.

Hundreds of Americans have died in these “Gun Free Zones” in the past few years as a result of these failed policies.

HB 137 was just passed by the legislature and it would lift the ban on carrying in many government buildings that are currently off-limits to gun owners here in Wyoming.

Similar legislation is on the move in states across the country like Iowa, Ohio, Missouri, and more.

Please sign HB 137 into law right away, for the safety of all law abiding citizens in Wyoming!

Signed: _____________________

And don’t fall for any excuse from Governor Mead about local control trumping your gun rights.

Cities and counties have had local control for years here in Wyoming — and virtually none of them allow you and me to carry!

For years, they’ve had the ability to decide whether or not to leave you and me defenseless as we go about our daily lives in public buildings — and they’ve almost always decided to leave us defenseless!

HB 137 will change all of that.

Now is Governor Mead’s chance.

He either stands with us or with the radically anti-gun Wyoming Association of Municipalities — there’s no third option!

Contact him now, and make sure your friends and family do the same.

Act now — we’re almost out of time!

For Freedom,

David Ball

P.S. Insiders are reporting to us that Governor Mead intends to veto HB 137 as soon as Monday morning!

But he’s scared about potential blowback from gun owners — as he should be! Governor Mead talks a good game, but he can’t have it both ways.

Either he stands with gun owners and signs HB 137 into law or he becomes Michael Bloomberg’s stooge and kills it as a favor to the Wyoming Association of Municipalities!

Make sure he knows that should he veto this bill, gun owners will remember this forever — especially if he runs for higher office, as he’s widely rumored to be considering.

Please contact him immediately — using the information provided above — and insist that he support HB 137 right away!