Dahlin, Gordon, and Galeotos Survey 100%!

With the deadline for replies to our 2018 gubernatorial survey coming to an end tomorrow, I have very good news to report.

In the last few days, Bill Dahlin, Mark Gordon, and Sam Galeotos have all completed their Wyoming Gun Owners candidate surveys with 100% pro-gun answers!

Thank you for your calls and emails urging all the candidates to put their views on paper!

Dahlin, Gordon, and Galeotos now join Foster Friess, Harriet Hageman, and Taylor Haynes in pledging to stand up for gun owners if elected as our next Governor.

As they represent the entire Republican side of the ticket, it’s safe to say that the next Governor of Wyoming will be on the record in support of the Second Amendment.

This is fantastic news for gun owners, as it means that we can hold our next Governor accountable if he betrays gun owners like Matt Mead did!

Does a signed survey mean that gun owners can sit back and relax, assured that our next Governor will not go back on his word?

Of course not.

But a signed candidate survey counts for much more than empty political promises and campaign talking points made by desperate politicians looking for votes.

After all, everyone claims to be pro-gun at election time here in Wyoming and even more so during a contested primary.

Sadly, all too often once safely elected, many of these professed champions buckle under pressure from the establishment in Cheyenne and the liberal media.

Gun owners saw this play out in real time over the past few years here in Wyoming as Matt Mead VETOED our bill to repeal ‘Gun Free Zones’ and threated to veto Stand-Your-Ground law this year!

Rest assured, if Wyoming’s next Governor even hints about treating gun owners like that, you and I will have the ammo we need to denounce him/her as a fraud!

In the meantime, Wyoming Gun Owners is busy surveying legislative candidates as quickly as we can in advance of the August primary.

The most up to date survey results, for legislative candidates, can be seen right here!

Remember, if your legislative candidates have refused this simple nine question survey, it’s essential that you ask them what they are hiding!

A candidate who will not answer a simple candidate questionnaire, especially during a primary, is most often someone ready to join up with moderates in Cheyenne in undermining our gun rights.

Remember, you can print off the WYGO legislative survey right here and hand it to your candidates yourself!

Finally, remember that to celebrate the 4th of July and the freedoms that we have as Americans, Wyoming Gun Owners is giving away a FREE T-Shirt with all new memberships this month.

The first batch already shipped out and should be arriving shortly.

To get involved in the hardest-hitting gun rights voice here in Wyoming and get some free gear at the same time, just click on the box below!

Stay tuned, much more to come!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. Thanks to your calls and emails, six of six Republican gubernatorial candidates have answered the WYGO candidate survey with 100% pro-gun answers!

This is a major accomplishment, only made possible by WYGO members.

And remember, you can view the results of our legislative survey program anytime by visiting this portion of our website.

If your legislative candidates have not surveyed, be sure to print out our survey and demand that they do so at once!


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