Casper mayor — kingpin in gun control group

Natrona County “Republican Darling” Kenyne Schlager has reached the end of her term as the Casper Mayor. What this really means is, Schlager is returning to her seat on the city council — where she will continue to crush the Second Amendment.

Left to right:
Paul Meyer new Mayor of Casper (has historically voted for gun control)
Kenyne Schlager former mayor Casper and NLC committee person
Paul Bertoglio Casper city council and past president of WAM


And she will do this while hiding behind an elite status in the Republican Party…

Schlager successfully passed a ban on lawfully armed citizens in the Casper city hall.

She also led the fight to install a “key-stroke gun registration system” — using a national registry — that was developed using Federal Homeland Security grants.

But, what I am about to reveal to you now about Casper’s Mayor, is something you will not hear anywhere else.

*** Kenyne Schlager is a ‘hands on’ activist for a “socialist – anti-gun” lobby group. In fact Schlager was chosen to work on the National League of Cities gun control policy team.

Just how anti-gun is the NLC?

Take a look at the demands of the NLC gun control resolution here — 2013 Public Safety & Crime Prevention Policy and Resolution:

*** Require registration of all hand guns ***
*** Ban on Black Rifles ***
*** 30-day waiting period ***
*** Sales and transfers only by gun dealers ***
*** Closing the so-called gun show loop hole ***
*** Limit magazines capacity to 10 rounds ***

Council member Schlager probably doesn’t want you to know about the following information either:Dues by elected officials and other monies are used to participate and support the NLC’s agenda, and is generally paid right from the city’s coffers. In other words, elected officials like Schlager use their office and its financial resources to lobby against you.The NLC ‘bottom up strategy’ organizes state level groups that have a ‘local feel’ — while pushing their socilist agenda in city councils in all fifty states.The Wyoming Association of Municipalities (WAM) is directly tied to the NLC. And the NLC has ties to the ‘Open Society Institute’, an organization launched by Billionaire, George Soros.

WAM — official statement about their partnership with NLC:

“WAM is an active member of NLC and strongly encourages Wyoming cities and towns to participate as well. Wyoming has a very strong tradition of influence in NLC with representation on the NLC Board of Directors as well as all National Policy and Steering Committees…” 

According to their website WAM is also affiliated with Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police or WASCOP — another organization that lobbies heavily against your gun rights.

To understand how the NLC is operating in the Mountain West — watch this news video report from neighboring South Dakota.

Sadly the transformational change of America — is being brokered right here in Wyoming too.

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   Anthony Bouchard
   Executive Director
Wyoming Gun Owners