Casper city gun ban — the real agenda

Casper city council has recently released a statement suggesting they had no intentions of advancing gun free zones.

But the council members have something they don’t want you to know! 

Casper-Gate gun rights scandal that is rocking Wyoming.

During a council business meeting it was revealed that they were working with other police chiefs across Wyoming.  They even stated on the record that the University of Wyoming Police Chief has commented that the Wyoming Association of Municipalities is working to advance gun free zones.

What exactly other than pushing more bans does the University of Wyoming’s Top Cop have to do with Casper–and why did his name come up at a Casper city council business meeting?

They further admitted to working with the Gillette police chief and we can probably include participation by anti-gun Mayor Tom Murphy who was virtually the most vocal elected official promoting a full city gun-ban in Gillette.

Of course as we know all too well, it’s what the–gun grabbing politicians–say about your gun rights that that is so telling about their real agenda–

Casper city council member Bill Brauer



“What if he’s [someone] packing?’, that just scares the heck out of me, and I don’t like it,” – Bill Brauer (Republican)



Casper city council member Pal Meyer



 “I’ve been followed home twice from city council meetings” – Paul Meyer (Republican)



Casper city council Vice Mayor Kenyne Schlager


 “When I couple that [gun rights] with the statement of being ‘tired of government,’ to me I feel we have trouble brewing,” – Kenyne Schlager  (Republican)


Casper city council member and outspoken Obamacrat Kim Holloway



“Guns are a sign of violence” – Kim Hollaway (Democrat)



Casper police chief Chris Walsh

“The motivation comes [to advance a gun ban] from nothing locally, but instances nationwide and reported instances within Wyoming, where anti-government factions are showing up” – Casper police chief Chris Walsh


Just more of the same “fear mongering”  and proof that they will do and say anything to revoke your right to keep and bear arms.

Like usual when the wagons start circling we found the conspiracy went way beyond the Casper officials, that’s why I have dubbed this latest scandal to take away your rights – Casper-Gate.

In the next edition of Gun Rights Insider we will look at the FOP’s (Fraternal Order of Police) active role in fighting against gun rights and just who they endorsed for office in the Casper City Council.