Casper is at it again

There will always be politicians who persistently work to eliminate your rights. So it should come as no surprise that the Gun Control Cabal in Casper city government is at it again.

Within days of pushing and implementing a gun ban at city hall the Casper council has proven they will do and say anything to squash the rights of lawful gun owners.

Now the council is pushing for a law that forces citizens to be entered into a–National Facial Recognition Database–upon lawfully selling or pawning a firearm to a local pawn shop/firearms dealer.

Their plan is to partner with a private company that specializes in biometric identification.

This is just part of a larger scheme–these so called private entities–are being used to bypass constitutional protections that government must usually comply with.

Casper Faciial Recognition Database

These well funded “private sector” biometric database operations have popped up all over the country due to exorbitant funding from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

It should also be noted that the entity Casper intends to enter into agreement with–LeadsOnline–has provided “grants” on a national basis to hundreds of municipalities helping to install their data capturing systems.

As usual this big government behavior of–giving freebies–occurs when tax dollars are involved.

Of course further investigation revealed that the City of Casper has promised to implement this new biometric identification system at zero cost to the pawn/gun dealers.

Smell fishy yet?

Even more troubling–this could be “test run” before pushing for similar biometric identification in all gun stores or even all private property exchange including gold and silver.

Remember these politicians want you to believe they support your gun rights–but their actions prove otherwise.

And when you aren’t watching they are attempting to mandate systematic participation in a National I.D. system that would place lawful gun owner’s faces, names, and addresses in a biometric facial recognition network accessible only to government officials.

You and I know about these workings all to well…Lawmakers and their enforcers that would just assume to swiftly do away with your right to keep and bear arms.

Under these carefully crafted schemes you have no control over your data, and anti-gun Attorney General Eric Holder would have instant access just because you are a lawful gun owner.

Like you I have heard enough flimsy excuses and slick lawyer arguments–telling us to ignore the constitution because gun control is for our own good.

Call and email the “Republicans” that ALL voted YES on this dangerous mandate, tell them you will not forget about their actions if this becomes law.

Mayor — Paul Bertoglio (Republican)

(307) 235-4726

[email protected]

Vice Mayor — Kenyne Schlager (Republican)

(307) 235-8224

[email protected]

Council Member — Paul Meyer (Republican)

(307) 237-7481

[email protected]

Council Member — Maury Daubin (Republican)

(307) 265-1099

[email protected]

Council Member — Bill Brauer (Republican)


[email protected]

Council Member — Kate Sarosy (Republican)


[email protected]