Campus Carry Legislation Killed by the Wyoming Senate!

In an outrageous betrayal of gun owners, the Wyoming Senate just voted to kill our Campus Carry legislation (HB 136) by a vote of 17-13 earlier today!

This means that teachers, students, and staff at all of Wyoming’s public universities are going to be left totally helpless in the face of an armed madman.

All this in a Senate chamber that purports to be pro-gun!

Understand this, this isn’t Colorado — we can’t blame Democrats. In fact, there’s only three of them in the entire Senate!

You and I were sold out by the establishment who talks a pro-gun game on the campaign trail — only to oppose your gun rights once they are safely in office.

Here’s a list of the Senators who voted against your Second Amendment freedom, and voted to leave your children and grandchildren vulnerable on college campuses.

Senator James Lee Anderson, [email protected];

Senator Liisa Anselmi-Dalton, [email protected];

Senator Fred Baldwin, [email protected];

Senator Bruce Burns, [email protected];

Senator Hank Coe, [email protected];

Senator Affie Ellis, [email protected];

Senator Fred Emerich, [email protected];

Senator John Hastert, [email protected];

Senator Bill Landen, [email protected];

Senator Glenn Moniz, [email protected];

Senator Tara Nethercott, [email protected];

Senator Stephan Pappas, [email protected];

Senator Ray Peterson, [email protected];

Senator Chris Rothfuss, [email protected];

Senator Charles Scott, [email protected];

Senator Michael Von Flatern, [email protected];

Senator Jeff Wasserburger, [email protected].

Please make sure that they hear from you.

But the good news is that you and I have an actual recorded vote of who stands with gun owners and who is just talking the talk.

WyGo isn’t like other organizations. We will be holding these legislators accountable at election time — something that we couldn’t do before without a recorded roll call vote.

So while this vote today wasn’t the outcome we were hoping for, after five years of working to obtain a vote on this bill, we’ve finally done it!

We’ll have more information coming shortly about the legislation to repeal “Gun Free Zones” in government buildings.

For Freedom,
David Ball

P.S. Moments ago, Campus Carry legislation (HB 136) was shot down in the Wyoming Senate by a vote of 17-13!

After we passed the bill through the House, through the Senate Committee, and after they heard from all of you, they still refused to back your gun rights when you needed them most.

But the great news is that now you and I have a roll call vote, a list of the legislators who back the Second Amendment, and those that just say they do!

The list of Senators who opposed this bill is posted above, we’ll have more information later about HB 137.