Anti-gun SF-109 advanced by Republicans

I watched as 3 Republican Senators, Paul Barnard (Uinta), Hank Coe (Park), and Bill Landen (Natrona) gave their ‘yes’ vote to anti-gun legislation SF-109.

This 3-2 vote in favor of SF-109 is sending it to the Senate floor.

Like its companion legislation in the house, this Senate bill also creates 48 different gun regulatory zones in Wyoming creating a patchwork of different rules and regulations as you drive from one school district to another.

You just can’t make this stuff up!

Today in open committee Senator Paul Barnard said, “my wife is a school teacher, and she doesn’t want guns in schools”.

You remember the old adage, a happy wife, a happy life? Maybe Sen. Barnard drafted this bill to suit his wife…

But like you I don’t care to hear about Mrs. Barnard’s personal ‘feelings’ on the Second Amendment in a committee hearing. The Right to Bear Arms unless Mrs. Barnard approves, is not in the sworn oath he took.

Senators Coe and Landen also seem to be more concerned with Mrs. Barnard’s feelings — than your Right to Bear Arms.

No thanks to Barnard, Coe and Landen, this dangerous bill is headed to the Senate floor.

SF-109 is similar to when sheriffs under the ‘may’ issue language of days past — regularly ‘refused’ the issuing of permits — thereby forcing law abiding citizens to be helpless prey to the criminals who don’t ask for permission anyway.

And as you know, gun control bills always have the same basic traits — Expensive Training/Big-Brother-May-I/Dangerous Person Databases.

Here are the details of SF-109:

*** 40 hours of police approved training and qualification.

*** Special crisis training.

*** All law enforcement within the district will be notified of the person who receives special permission to carry.

*** The school officials shall maintain the locations and names of those granted permission to carry.

*** The school official shall notify the parents about the person who is granted special permission to carry.

*** This bill sets ‘minimum’ standards, meaning that with the preemption change the local school districts can make even more restrictions and gun control.

*** By amending the preemption clause the school district will be empowered to ban all weapons if they wish.

*** SF-109 if passed will make it impossible to repeal the gun free zones in schools.

Please help stop this dangerous legislation by contacting the entire Senate and urge them to vote NO on SF-109.

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To Liberty,

Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
Wyoming Gun Owners