And the ammo winner is…

Congratulations to Jon E. of Campbell county, the winner of WyGO’s 500 rounds of .223 ammo giveaway.

As you may already know, the .223 caliber is widely used in weapons that were recently ‘banned’ and are slated for confiscation in Connecticut.

And closer to home, where the Colorado legislature recently banned std capacity ’30 round’ magazines forcing Mag-pul to pull up stakes and move out.

This is why we do these giveaways — so more Wyomingites will become informed about the gun-control politicians at work right here in Wyoming.

Like recently when Republican committee chairman Matt Teeters (Goshen county) parroted the same exact words as D.C. Gun Grabbers – Schumer, Boxer and Feinstein when Teeters said, “that the Second Amendment isn’t an absolute right.”

Teeters recited these words while touting HB-111, a gun control bill that sole purpose was to hand over — your God-given right to self defense — over to 48 school superintendents and 330 school board members across Wyoming.

Their plan was simple, if HB-111 passed into law, the state legislators would then wash their hands of the gun free zone debate, by now placing the fight into the hands of sixty different county governmental bodies.

Lawmakers including Teeters, knew very well that school boards across Wyoming were on the record in stating that, “they would not allow anyone to carry if HB-111 was to become law.”

On the flip side of the coin, when Teeters was asked about legislation he supported that was recently found “unconstitutional” by the WY Supreme Court — Teeters statement was, “sometimes the courts get it wrong.”

Matt Teeters

Matt Teeters

You see, when Teeters is caught red handed in violation of the Constitution, he says, “the court is wrong”!

But when activist gun-control Judges reinterpret the Second Amendment — Matt Teeters then hangs his hat on it.

Simple elementary English makes up both the state and federal protections.

The Second amendment clearly says, “Shall Not Be Infringed“, and the Wyoming Constitution similarly states, “Shall Not Be Denied.”

Of course the courts have ‘also’ ruled, that a state constitution may afford even stronger protections than the Bill of Rights.

And just what chairmanship does Representative Matt Teeters hold? He is the House Chairman of Education.

By now things should be crystal clear. And yes, it’s all by the design of the house leadership. You see, Teeters is appointed by Speaker of the House Tom Lubnau.

Be on the lookout for even more giveaways — and help us get the word out about Wyoming’s only no-compromise gun rights organization working on the ground at this level.

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To Liberty,

Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
Wyoming Gun Owners
P.S. And the lucky winner of WyGo’s .223 ammo giveaway is Jon E. of Campbell county.

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