ALERT: Schumer Put H.R. 8 on the Senate Calendar!

This is a full-court press.

Biden’s handlers and Congressional Democrats are trying to use the death of 10 people in Buffalo, NY and 21 people in Uvalde, TX as justification to pass a sweeping gun control agenda!

These totalitarian thugs don’t give a damn about innocent Americans, they crave these shootings, hoping to use them to disarm us.

That’s why the Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, just put Biden’s National Gun Registry legislation (H.R. 8) on the Senate Calendar in preparation for a vote in the full Senate! 


With this bill on the calendar, we could see a vote in the United States Senate on this legislation at ANY TIME. That’s why WYGO is using email, text, social media and more to alert gun owners about this threat — while there’s still time!

It’s essential that gun owners understand what is at stake with this legislation, as there is nothing harmless about it.

Biden’s National Gun Registry legislation (H.R. 8) has just one purpose: to track, trace, and register every single gun owner in America and lay the groundwork for the radical left’s ultimate goal of gun confiscation!

The bill creates a database by making you a felon if you transfer a firearm without first going through a NICS check, giving the federal government an ever growing list of which Americans own guns.

So if you want to pass a family heirloom firearm down to your grandson, he would have to submit to a government check first — or you would be facing a FELONY! 

If your adult daughter moved out of your home and set up an apartment of her own, and you wanted to give her a Glock 19 for protection, she would have to submit to a government check first — or you would be facing a FELONY!

Even loaning a lifelong buddy a shotgun for a weekend hunting trip would require a government check first –- or you would be facing a FELONY!


Remember, almost every mass shooting over the last decade has taken place AFTER the killer passed a background check. And that includes the Buffalo, NY murderer and the Uvalde, TX murderer.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi know all of this, of course — they just don’t care. This is strictly about building a massive federal database of every gun owner in America!

But it’s even deeper than that.

These crazed leftists truly hate the Second Amendment and the tens of millions of gun owners across the country who stand up to defend it, because they know we stand between them and their goal of turning this great country into a socialist hellhole!

And to make it worse, Republicans in the Senate are now talking about the need to make a deal with Senate Democrats on some form of gun registration.

We need to pour the heat on the Senate, RIGHT NOW!


This legislation has already passed Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives, and Biden would sign this bill the moment it gets to his desk.

So we need to make our stand in the Senate.

WYGO is working around the clock to dump tens of thousands of emails, petitions, and phone calls into Senator Barrasso and Lummis’s offices before this vote — but we need your help.

Please stand with us and make a generous donation NOW!

We are not serfs. We are not subjects. And we are not slaves.

But if we lose our Second Amendment freedoms, all of that will change in the blink of an eye and it will be the end of this country as we know it!

For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. Chuck Schumer just placed H.R. 8, Biden’s National Gun Registry legislation, on the Senate calendar in preparation for a vote in the full Senate!

This bill has one goal: to register every firearm and every gun owner in America, so that one day, the federal government can try to disarm us like every other tyrannical country has done!


We are fighting back, dumping a massive number of calls, emails, and petitions into Senator Barrasso and Lummis’s offices. Help us continue to fight; make a donation now.