Action needed HB-114 repeal gun free zones

HB-114 the Wyoming Gun Free Zone Repeal Act, sponsored by Rep. Allen Jaggi will be heard in committee in just days.

This is the first part of the process to advance the much needed legislation to the House floor.

The Judiciary committee will meet on Wednesday Jan 28, at 8:00am — in Room 302 at the Capitol.

It is best to arrive to this committee meeting at least 30 minutes earlier. I will be there early so you can discuss any concerns you have with me.

If this WyGO-backed legislation is passed into law, it will ‘repeal’ the current Gun Free Zones in Public Schools, College Campuses and Government Buildings. See HB-114 here.

This is the way Utah has been doing it for 15 years.

Your Wyoming Lawmakers have a choice to keep policies similar to Colorado — where 16 years after the Columbine High School Massacre, politicians enacted ‘so-called’ security policies calling for gun free zones everywhere.

In Colorado, the phony security policies have yielded horrific results:

Arapahoe High School Shooting
***14 years after Columbine***
18 year old Karl Pierson killed a 16 year old classmate before taking his own life.

The Aurora Theatre Shooting
***13 years after Columbine***
Signs were posted saying “NO FIREARMS ALLOWED,” advertising that victims are unarmed and unable to protect themselves. That was the cue for Madman James Holmes to slaughter 12 victims and injure another 59, then later allegedly attempted to take his own life.

Platte Canyon High School Hostage Crisis
***7 years after Columbine***
53 year old Duane Morrison sexually assaulted six girls and killed one before taking his own life.

But it doesn’t have to be this way in Wyoming anymore!

Wyoming’s Republican majority legislature could choose Utah’s proven safety model.

Utah watching Colorado’s wrongheaded policies took a different approach.

For the last 15 years law abiding Citizens have been legally able to be armed in Government Buildings, Public Schools and College Campuses.

Experts have speculated that crazed killers — who are hell bent on slaughtering helpless victims — aren’t so inclined when it gets in the way of their own suicide mission.

Maybe this is why neighboring Utah hasn’t had the same headlines as liberal leaning Colorado, where gun free zones have repeatedly killed and injured so many.

>>>Immediate Action Needed WyGO eAlert – 1-23-15

Please contact the following committee members ASAP*

Let them know you are in full support this legislation without any amendments. And that you will be watching how they act on this matter.

*Representative Samuel Krone
[email protected]
Cell – (307) 272-0082

*Representative Bill Pownall
[email protected]


For Liberty,

Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
Wyoming Gun Owners


P.S. Without your immediate action, the anti-gun crowd in Cheyenne will roll out their army and squash HB-114 the Wyoming Repeal Gun Free Zones Act.

Please be at the committee hearing on Wednesday Jan 28, at 8:00am in Room 302 at the Capitol.

Also contact the members listed in this email ASAP.

If passed this WyGO-backed legislation will free up law abiding folks like you to be armed in Government Buildings, Public Schools and College Campuses. So please take immediate action today.