Action needed — HB-111 going to house floor

Please contact your house representative and tell them to kill HB-111.

This deceivingly named “school safety and security bill” will create 48 different gun regulatory zones in Wyoming — creating a patchwork of different rules and regulations as you drive from one school district to another.

The Gun-Grabbers plan is simple…

Once your right to self defense is under the complete control of 48 different school districts — it will become impossible — to repeal school gun free zones in Wyoming.

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms under the direct control of ‘local’ bureaucrats just like it was in the dreaded ‘may issue’ language of years past.

Just last Friday anti-gun Democrat Rep. John Freeman (Sweetwater) who has ‘never’ voted yes on a gun bill in his career, along with Republican Rep. David Northrup (Park County) brought the most egregious amendment to HB-111 as follows:

Any person granted permission to carry or possess
a firearm on school property pursuant to this section shall
be required to complete continued firearm training as
required by rule and regulation of the board of trustees.
At a minimum, the continued training shall consist of
forty (40) hours of firearms training approved by the
peace officer standards every five (5) years.

But you and I know that the gun control crowd believes — that your God given right to self defense should be under the control of Big Brother!

It’s always the same ‘jump through hoops’ game to them:

– Expensive Training

– Big-Brother-May-I

– Dangerous Person Databases

Even before the latest ‘training’ amendment this bill had all the markings of gun control legislation.

*** All law enforcement within the district will be notified of the person who receives special permission to carry.

*** The school board shall maintain the locations and names of those granted permission to carry.

*** The district superintendent shall notify the parents about the person who is granted special permission to carry.

*** This bill sets ‘minimum’ standards, meaning that with the preemption change the local school districts can make even more restrictions and gun control.

*** By tapping the preemption clause the school district will be empowered to ban all weapons if they wish.

*** Text of the bill (pg5, line 16) is direct assault on the state preemption. The preemption is there to stop a patchwork of gun laws across the state.

*** HB-111 if passed will make it impossible to repeal the gun free zones in schools.

Like our founding fathers, and like you, I don’t believe we should have to beg for permission from government officials, or jump through a set of hurdles just to exercise our God-given, inalienable rights.

If you agree, I need you to act, but please also agree to a generous contribution of $20 or at least $10 right away!

Then please contact your house representative immediately and tell them to kill this gun control legislation.

Find your house representative here

To Liberty,

Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. HB-111 is a full frontal attack on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in Wyoming. If it is to be stopped I need your immediate action!

Please also consider contributing to WyGO with a gift of what ever you can afford.