🚨 Massive Attack Coming on Your Gun Rights! 🚨

I hope you’re gearing up for a fight, because it’s coming.

For close to a year, gun owners have been able to watch the radical left bluster about gun control, knowing that Biden lacked the votes to pass anything in the Senate.

But in the wake of yesterday’s Texas shooting (on the heels on the Buffalo, NY shooting,) things are changing very quickly in Congress — especially when it comes to ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures.’

In just the last 18 hours, at least three backstabbing Republicans (Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Susan Collins (R-ME), and Thom Tillis (R-NC) have expressed support for this legislation!

And if gun owners don’t start flooding the Senate with opposition to this legislation (S. 1819/H.R. 3480), this trickle of betrayal will turn into a flood.


As a reminder, ‘Red Flag’ laws are far more dangerous than an attempt to ban a particular firearm or a 30-round magazine. It’s the end-game for the gun control crowd in D.C.

That’s because ‘Red Flag’ laws allow liberal judges to send SWAT teams to your door to confiscate every firearm you own before you’ve ever been charged — let alone convicted — of a crime!

Have you ever been blocked from posting on Facebook because of a meme you shared? A meme that offended some purple-haired fact checker in Facebook’s California headquarters?

‘Red Flag’ laws work pretty much the same way.

Almost anyone can make a complaint against you, they air this complaint before a judge in a secret hearing that you can’t attend, and you have almost no right to appeal it!

These laws obliterate the idea of ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ your right to face your accusers, your protections against unlawful searches and seizures, and more.


Despite all of this, Republicans are openly talking about supporting this legislation, cowering in fear before the media in the wake of these shootings.

But this is no time to surrender! These shootings are just the latest grisly reminder that gun control has lethal implications for law abiding Americans who are disarmed because of it!

The Buffalo killer wasn’t stopped by New York’s ‘Red Flag’ laws, he wasn’t stopped by background checks, and he used the state’s magazine limits to his advantage!

The Texas killer passed a background check and violated Texas’s ‘Gun Free School Zones’ policy before murdering all of those students and their teachers.

Gun control was never designed to stop criminals. It was always designed to control us, law abiding citizens!

And frankly, given the weakness that we’ve seen from Senators Barrasso and Lummis this year we can’t take anything for granted anymore.

So send Barrasso and Lummis (and Congresswoman Cheney) this PRE-WRITTEN email right away, and insist that they very publicly condemn ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ laws.


After you’ve sent your email, please make an immediate donation to Wyoming Gun Owners so we can fight against this tyrannical legislation that would disarm millions of gun owners.

If we lose this fight, our gun rights will be weakened forever, and the radical left will move right on with attempts to ban our AR-15s and institute a national gun registry!

Help us CRUSH this bill with an emergency donation of $100, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford today!

Wyoming Gun Owners is using our email program, texting campaigns, and social media platforms to get gun owners involved in this fight — but we need your help to make these programs go BIG!

Please send your emails and make a generous donation now!

For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. Biden and his team are trying to use last night’s Texas shooting and the attack in Buffalo, New York to ram ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation into law — and it’s working!

Multiple Republican Senators are openly talking about supporting this legislation, even though it disarms gun owners who have never been convicted of a crime.

This is happening fast, so email Senators Barrasso and Lummis (and Congresswoman Cheney) immediately and insist that they condemn these ‘Red Flag’ laws!


Then donate, now, so we can mobilize gun owners across the state. We need to flood Congress with grassroots pressure while there’s still time!